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Kiosque360. Denounced by a promoter, the director was arrested during a spectacular operation when he had just pocketed a bribe of 500,000 dirhams. In another version of the facts, it would be a sum of 1.2 million DH.

The arrest, Thursday in Marrakech, the director of the Urban Agency, in the act of corruption, did not go unnoticed. Especially since he was about to receive a bribe of 500,000 dirhams. The vicissitudes of his arrest have not been ordinary either.

The information has spread like fire in the straw, but in several versions. In short, since the person in question is a senior regional official, the security forces have put the necessary means in place. The operation of his arrest was, in fact, conducted by an elite commando of the National Criminal Police Brigade in collaboration with the head of the PJ brigade under the police headquarters of Marrakech, under the supervision of direct and narrow of the prosecutor general of the king at the Court of Appeal of Marrakech, reports the daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia in its edition of the weekend of July 6th and 7th.

The case goes back to some time ago, reports the daily. A real estate developer, R.H, known to the place for having carried out several projects in the city Ocher, is behind the ambush that was stretched to the local manager and led to his arrest, the newspaper continues. He had seized directly the presidency of the Prosecutor General's Office to denounce an extortion attempt whose author is none other than the director of the Urban Agency. The latter demanded, according to the real estate developer's complaint, a substantial bribe to speed up the authorization process for his projects. The General Prosecutor's Office entrusted the case to the BNPJ, which conducted the whole operation with discretion.

It is thus, continues the newspaper, that this Thursday, July 4th towards the stroke of 17h, at the end of a meeting with the wilaya, the director of the agency went directly to the appointment fixed in advance with the obviously to give him the agreed sum. Around the place of the interview, the elements of the BNPJ, in ambush, lost no detail of the meeting. And when the director received the 500,000 dirhams, they burst on the scene. The mis en cause sniffed the trap, but it was already too late. He still tried to escape in his company car, but he finished his run, not far away, by hitting a police car.

After his arrest, the director of the Urban Agency was put under arrest warrant in the premises of the Regional Brigade of the Judicial Police, reports for his part the daily newspaper Assabah in its delivery of the weekend. He must answer for the charge of corruption, after being caught in the act of receiving a sum that the sources quoted by the newspaper estimated at 1.2 million dirhams. The mi in question was subsequently subjected to an interrogation of circumstance, adds the daily. The investigators wanted to know why he had set up an appointment with a developer, who gave a large sum of money, outside his office. They also wanted to understand, among other details of the case, why he fled at the time of his arrest.

The survey, writes the daily Assabah, affected several officials of the Urban Agency. The interrogation concerned several files and the procedures followed for their instruction. At the same time, a search was carried out at the suspect's home where the investigators seized files relating to numerous real estate projects as well as a large sum of money.

In addition to its spectacular nature, the arrest of this top local official surprised almost everyone in the Civil Service Corps in the Ocher City. The director of the Urban Agency was responsible for Assabah, an image of an honest and conscientious public servant in his work.
Case to follow …

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