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Senegal qualified for the quarterfinals of the CAN thanks to Sadio Mané, the first stage of the Tour de France, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for Lucas Pouille and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The news of the day will be rich in grass, sweat, collars, snowshoes, round ball and yellow jersey and it is served on a tray.

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What you will not miss today

1. Cycling – Tour de France: Let the Tour begin!

The first leg of the 2019 edition of the Tour de France will depart from 12:25 Brussels to arrive a few hours and 194.5 kilometers later. The course is relatively flat for a first warm-up with however passages of paving stones and the mythical Mur de Grammont.

Video – The profile of the 1st stage: Grammont and the Bosberg … but an arrival for sprinters


2. Tennis – Wimbledon: Two giants for the French

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Lucas Pouille have managed to qualify for the third round of the Grand Slam, and will be drawn two giants on their way. The first will face Rafael Nadal, whom he had beaten in 2011, during their last meeting on grass. The second will meet Roger Federer, who is wary of French: "I'm looking forward to tackling it, but I know it will not be easy. "

3. Football – CAN and Copa América: The eighth and one match for 3rd place

In Africa, four teams compete today for a place in the quarter-finals. Nigeria against Cameroon (18h) and Egypt against South Africa (21h). On the side of Brazil, Argentina, eliminated by the Seleçao, will try to save the honor and the third place by facing Chile (21h).

4. Football – World Cup: England or Sweden for bronze

It's already the end of this World Cup. Before the final Sunday (18h) between the United States and the Netherlands, England and Sweden clash for third place (17h). Four years ago, the British – in the absence of gold – were already on the third step by beating Germany.

5. Basketball – Eurobasket: Towards a fourth final for Les Bleues?

After their difficult success against Belgium Thursday, the Blue want to believe in the qualification for the final of the Euro, which would be the fourth in a row. But before, it will beat England, an affordable team – the French are seen as favorites – but they will have to be wary.

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