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Environment. In Combaillaux, a winemaker works to do without it. In Murviel, the "volunteer pissers" are rebelling.

The Domaine de la Jasse in Combaillaux is the first winery in France to be awarded, in 2015, the CSR label, corporate social responsibility. A prism through which pass all the decisions which must henceforth answer to the economic, social, environmental imperatives … "It's about knowing how the company contributes to these different topics"confirms Bruno Le Breton, owner of the estate of 59 ha, struggling reasoned, employing twelve employees.

In the face of herbicides based on glyphosate, the winemaker refuses to have a dogmatic position. Regarding the treatment of grass, the field has done a lot of work to find the best solution. The grass competes with the vine for water and minerals and causes a loss of yield. Using a herbicide can radically solve the problem.

The alternative is to plow or scrape the soil. But it's not so simple. "Glyphosate and plowing are two catastrophic things, and plowing even more than glyphosate"says Bruno Le Breton. Tillage to remove grass requires the use of tractors that pollute heavily and consume gas oil. In addition, microbial life and the presence of earthworms, which are the quality of the soil, are destroyed. "A bare soil does not regenerate and erode more easily, which requires bringing more organic matter, it's a hellish circle"explains Bruno Le Breton. And a calamity for the climate.

Do not choose between plague and cholera

At the Domaine de la Jasse, the real alternative comes from the principles of permaculture. In fact, the grass is sown to be able to choose the good variety whose cycle of plant does not go to compete with that of the vine. Grass is useful on the ground and, through photosynthesis, it captures carbon and is used to feed animals.

By accepting a reduction in yield, by choosing to equip 70% of the domain with drip, by betting on new varieties of varietals resistant to diseases and can be less water-consuming, La Jasse aims at a virtuous circle, without choosing between plague and cholera. "With resistant varieties, we could have only two or three treatments a year against diseases.With a grassed soil, a mowing with solar robots and animals in winter to graze in the vineyards, we touch a finger viticulture much less impacting on the environment ", hopes Bruno Le Breton.

In addition, question carbon balance and therefore climate protection, the method offers a lot of benefits. By strongly developing the vegetation throughout the area, including a vine plot conducted in agroforestry (cultural management that involves combining trees, crops and livestock), CO2 consumption is increased by plants for their photosynthesis. La Jasse also thinks about trapping carbon in tanks after fermentation. "It's easy to pump, compress and store it Viticulture can become positive on the carbon footprint, which is good for the climate, which is still the priority today for our planet", reminds Bruno Le Breton.

Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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