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The recently formed Life after Meth organization held its first meeting on Saturday at Westminster United Church in the Wolseley neighborhood.

The initiative aims to share testimonials from former drug addicts to give people with addiction problems hope for a life after methamphetamine.

Project initiator Skylar Moneyas, a young man from Hollow Water First Nation in northeastern Manitoba, is a former methamphetamine user who has been in remission for one year after starting therapy.

"At that moment, it was the end for me. It was a matter of life and death, following a treatment or dying, "he says.

A series of psychoses and suicides around him pushed him to launch Life after Meth to help people get out of addiction before it's too late.

"Even if it's just a person, a person who wants to get out, who tries, if she hears just one story today, she will want to change her life. It's giving them hope that there is a life after methamphetamine, "he says.

Impactful testimonials

At the meeting Saturday, three former consumers came to the microphone to deliver powerful and moving testimonials.

A victim of rape, Jennifer has been using drugs for 11 years before she gets away with it – an extremely difficult journey.

"I remember locking myself in the bathroom a number of times, punching my face or slapping my legs with a hammer because the shame was too great. I hated myself. Meth destroyed me and made me destroy everyone around me, "she says.

For Skylar Moneyas, being surrounded and sharing experience helps pave the way to remission.

Life after Meth relies solely on the help and support of volunteers to work with addicts.

According to information from Ezra Belotte-Cousineau

Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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