Laughs and tears at the starting pot of Catherine and Liliane – Shipping Marijuana Store Ottawa Canada

Catherine and Liliane retire after seven seasons of loyal service, the favorite secretaries of Canal + viewers hang up. Not without having, as is customary, offered a pot of departure. And what a starting pot. The farewell party was held this Monday on the stage of Bobino, in Paris and will be broadcast this Friday evening at 22:30 in encrypted and Sunday in clear at 19:50.

Hosted by Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches, Catherine and Liliane are the queens of the evening. Two and a half years after their first appearance on stage, in flesh and blood, the two secretaries pipelettes and endearing the encrypted chain back on the boards to draw their bow. They arrive eagerly from the room, in a rain, split the crowd, address small signs to each other.

Known heads in the room

In passing, Bruno Sanchez tenderly takes the head of Mila his little girl in his hands and gives him a hug. "He's where daddy, he's disguised," kept asking the five-year-old girl. He is there dad, under the auburn wig and behind this falsetto voice … For the occasion, the room is crowded despite the heat. Many anonymous, fans, and known faces, Muriel Robin, Dominique Besnehard, Yasmina Reza, Calogero, Hans Marina, Nicolas Calfan, Danièle Thompson or Nicole Garcia. But also Elsa Zylberstein, Bernard Murat, Augustin Trapenard and Daphne Bürki …

From zumba classes to supermarket shelves, from Catherine's salon, to the kitchen, to the seaside, between theater sketches and video excerpts, these funny ladies invite us one last time to share their human laughter that touches everyone, too, spicy, often necessary, when he becomes humanist, feminist – this passage on the women of the 1960s.

Dodeling her head and rattling all her jewels, Catherine's passion is able to ignite on her own because she can not find … the whole white cheese, regulating in passing her account for consumption and consumers, the "society lie, "in an irresistible sketch at the supermarket.

Explore the mixed feelings of any new retiree

In video, we go back to famous moments and great guests, Daniel Auteuil, François Morel and his tirade twisting and incomprehensible on the elusive movement of Yellow Vests or Sting who sings them, half-amused, half-hallucinated "Mamma Mia ! From Abba.

Return to the stage, in real life, to evoke the age that advances when they say "The little house in the meadow" – "We grew up with her, we're going to die before her" – and explore throughout the evening the mixed feelings of any new retiree, between relief and fear of emptiness, between the freedom found and the vertigo of the final straight line …

It's not always fun to leave, they feel and share it. At the end of a professional life, one draws the balance sheet. They face the sea – "face the sea, it's great," they repeat – at a thalasso between couples. They are found in a white terry robe, somewhat slaughtered while evoking each their man, one is at the casino, the other at the bar … They have not changed and will not change these husbands not perfect, but present, companions of road despite everything.

An air of nostalgia

They have a soft touch … But they are, one another, they, the two great friends for life. Then they sing it by taking up the heart-rending "Alaska's seal lament", of Beau Dommage. "It's not worth it to let those we love to turn balloons on his nose," they intone, hands in their hands, eyes in their eyes. He hovers like an air of nostalgia on the room. Previously, they had attended a Pigier Typing School Entrance Exam, a choreographic comeback in the 1970s with a nod to Jerry Lewis's typewriter sketch.

And now a bandoneon begins to tear the air as they turn to the screen that goes down. Back to the public, they watch, we with, the final video that traces in image seven years of televised delusions. Black on the screen. It's finish. They turn around and the room jumps up for a long and nurtured standing-ovation. Very moved, Bruno Sanchez can not hold back his tears. In the room too the eyes are wet …

The endless applause is suspended by Alex Lutz who speaks with his true voice, to thank his partner, first, the channel, and make a "kiss on the first show that welcomed them," Le Petit Journal "Yann Barthès and Laurent Bon", left on TMC to create "Daily". "It's just a goodbye," he shouted before leaving the stage, leaving their orphaned audience for good.

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