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JUSTICE. Kevin Royer will be serving a six-month prison sentence after he planned to trade drugs in addition to cracking cocaine in September 2017.

The 28-year-old resident of Acton Vale was sentenced Friday at the Courthouse in Drummondville. He pleaded guilty a few weeks ago.

Without knowing it, he got caught by an investigator to the 1stSeptember 2017. The two individuals had entered into a narcotics exchange agreement that was to take place. Even though it never happened, it earned him a charge of drug trafficking. A police surveillance of the premises allowed the authorities to see Royer at the place planned to conclude the transaction on the territory of the MRC Drummond.

A little over a week later, the trafficker was intercepted by the police. The police got their hands on 12.77 grams of crack, nearly a gram of cocaine and cayenne pepper, all of which belonged to Royer.

Judge Gilles Lafrenière of the Court of Quebec endorsed the joint suggestion by sentencing the man to 168 days in jail for the four different counts. The magistrate said he would have imposed a six-month sentence, but subtracted the time spent in pretrial detention.

When Kevin Royer went to the box of the accused to be handcuffed, he remained calm, even though his wife's tears reasoned in the courtroom.

The offender will not be able to possess weapons for a period of ten years, under the law. The judge also ordered the confiscation and destruction of the weapon and drugs seized.

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