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Bencic: "It will take time to digest"

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At Wimbledon this Saturday, Belinda Bencic was eliminated by American Alison Riske in three sets (4-6 6-4 6-4).

At Wimbledon this Saturday, Belinda Bencic was eliminated by American Alison Riske in three sets (4-6 6-4 6-4). KEYSTONE

It is 7 pm and blades of grass, the time of the web appointment. Here's what to remember from this sixth day at Wimbledon, which is still far from over …

From our special correspondent, Pierre Salinas

The beat of the day

We can lead 3-0 and 40-0 in the third set and leave the court with infinite regrets. From this bick, Belinda Bencic (WTA 13), defeated 4-6 6-4 6-4 by American Alison Riske (WTA 55) in the third round, will have a hard time recovering. "It's extremely painful. It will take time to digest, "she said at the time of appearing before the Swiss press, which has kindly spared. No doubt Saint-Welsh fought alone, she who let his anger explode several times. But Alison Riske "deserved her victory," she says, "because she forced me to take risks and took herself." This is the second time the two players have dueled each other. epic on the grass of Wimbledon. Last year already, Belinda Bencic had stammered her tennis before saving four match points in the tie-break of the second set and get away from this bad step. Twelve months later, luck changed sides. Was justice done?

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The non-match of the day

There was a time when a match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (ATP 70) and Rafael Nadal (ATP 2) would have whetted the appetites, raised the crowds perhaps. This afternoon, the poster quickly took off from the wall as the Spaniard appeared master of his destiny (6-2 6-3 6-2). Qualified for the round of 16, Nadal made a strong impression. But from his 34 years, Tsonga seemed very slow and chewed on the job too.

Rafael Nadal made a mouthful of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Photo: Keystone

The phrase of the day

"We need a bomb explodes here." Unhappy to have been programmed on the court No 14, he judged "bad", the boiling Fabio Fognini (ATP 10) could not help but do it know. With an open throat. Disillusioned and nonchalant, as often on the English turf, the Italian was too easy prey for the American Tennys Sandgren (ATP 92), who won 6-3 7-6 6-3. For his comments, Fabio Fognini apologized. Wimbledon, who has the easy fine, will he crack down?

Fabio Fognini is used to shock sentences.
Photo: Keystone

The crime of lese-majesty of the day

Recently knighted, Sir Andy Murray has disappeared from the doubles board. Former World No. 1 and triple Grand Slam singles winner, the Scottish and the adoption Jurassic Pierre-Hugues Herbert have lost to Croatian Mektic / Skugor. Murray does not leave Wimbledon. Tonight again, he must play his first round of mixed with the American Serena Williams. A highly anticipated duo – a mild euphemism.

Andy Murray may be back on Saturday night, alongside Serena Williams.
Photo: Keystone

Summary of the day

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