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"Stimulate the spirit of innovation and engage young people"This is how the Stimul'I competition organized by CAP Innove came to a close, with prizes awarded to the 3 winning teams on April 26. Secondary 4 and 5 students from Walloon Brabant were invited to take part in the second edition of this contest that aims to stimulate the creativity of young people by involving them in a concrete project.

In 2017, Inc 'Rock joined the contest to put young people face one of its problems. This year, it was Walibi who asked participants to provide a solution to the lack of exploitation of two surfaces in the park: the lake and the amphitheater. How to bring these spaces back to life on a daily basis to improve the visitor experience, especially on rainy days and / or strong winds that force the park to close many of its key attractions? How to make these areas more efficient from an energy point of view? How to facilitate access of these areas to PRM? So many questions that participants tried to answer, assisted by coaches and faculty.

A pecuniary reward for pedagogical projects

5 schools responded to the call of CAP Innove, 80 young people in 8 teams presented various projects for the two areas of the amusement park in front of a jury last Friday. Only three groups were selected with, in the key, a check of 500, 1000 or 1500 € according to their classification. This money will be used to finance an educational project in their respective school. And as a bonus, each of the 3 winning teams wins a place for Walibi.

The winners of the competition, coming from the IPES Tubize, won the 1st place thanks to their project "Kardyak Maze" which suggests the installation of an escape room, a labyrinth and a lazer game around the Amphitheater space. The second place is owned by a group of IPET Nivelles for his project "Blue Trip", a roller coaster that would break through below the surface of the lake. A second group of IPES Tubize completes the podium with the project "Moon Express", an attraction that proposes to travel between Earth and Moon.

On the IPET Nivelles side, it is ensured that the 1000 € won by the participating group will be allocated to 2 or 3 of the 13 projects that the school has drawn up as part of the Pact of Excellence piloting plans, namely from replacing equipment or buying reusable cups to turning to a greener school.

Although these projects will probably not be directly selected by Walibi to give a boost to the two endangered areas of its park, student projects will nonetheless serve as a basis for reflection since the situation presented during the competition is indeed the reality .

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