Intercepted with 15 kg of cannabis on the A89 in Puy-de-Dôme: one year farm for the Spanish passenger of the bus – Les Martres-d'Artière (63430) – Supply Marijuana Online Edmonton Canada

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The man sitting in the box, white sweater impeccable pink shirt, is it a veteran trafficker or a miserable mule fallen into the nets gendarmes during his only illicit journey?

The question generated very contrasting answers, this Monday, before the court correctionnel Clermont. "I gave in to temptation in a moment of weakness and despair, so that I could help my sick mother. It was the first time. I had never touched drugs until then. Never, "says the accused, a 39-year-old Spaniard.

Parquet is not at all on the same line. "This gentleman could not have been entrusted with a merchandise worth more than 80,000 € so easily, just for a first try, with the mission of transporting it across Europe. Everything suggests that we are on an established and structured traffic, "opposes Loïc Eyrignac, the representative of the public prosecutor.

The trip was to bring him 3.000 euros

Originally from Ceuta, Lotfi P. was arrested by the gendarmes of the squadron of road safety of Puy-de-Dôme, on February 17, during a control carried out with the toll of the Martres-d'Artière, on the A89. The thirties had taken a seat in a party from Spain. He had to descend to the French-Swiss border, but would never reach his destination. Sniffing the hold, the specialized dog did not let his suitcase pass. And the fifteen kilos of cannabis resin it contained.

"The drug was in a bag that had been given to me in Ceuta. My mission was to hand over the package to a man I did not know, in a parking lot near Basel. I had to touch about 3,000 €. I was stupid to accept, "stammers the defendant.

"My client has always worked, but he had to leave everything to take care of his mother, adds his lawyer, El Moukhtari. Ceuta is a city plagued by criminal networks and trafficking. In this context, he was easy prey. He was wrong to opt for the facility. "

Battered since February 19, Lotfi P. is sentenced to one year in prison, with continued detention. The prosecution demanded double.

Stéphane Barnoin

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