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Following various incidents, the feeling of insecurity is rising in Charleroi. In response, Charleroi police decided to put more agents on the streets. Objective: reduce nuisances in the city center, and primarily those related to drug trafficking.

Our team followed the work of a police patrol from Charleroi. It is in a discreet camera that we observe the comings and goings of an alleged dealer in the heart of the Lower Town of Charleroi. Frequently sought by drug addicts, he is suspected of selling them cocaine and heroin pacons.

This kind of scene is a routine in this neighborhood. The man is finally seen by a police patrol who proceeds to his arrest.

She is 74 years old and has been offered drugs on the street

The Triangle is one of the most difficult neighborhoods for security in Charleroi. On the agenda: narcotics, prostitution and violence.

Flights are also on the menu, often for the purpose of buying drugs. For the tradesmen and the regulars of the district, it is a hellish circle. "There is a lot of violence. Shots, knives coming out, machetes … And it's every day, here, there … everywhere. At night I can not walk alone because I'm scared", says a shopkeeper.

A resident also responds to our microphone, but with a hidden face. "Even my mom who comes for a drink at the bar, someone has to go back. I'm afraid. She is 74 years old and has been offered drugs on the street. There is still something wrong", she explains.

This solution is the doubling of pedestrian patrols in the city center

Faced with this situation, the police will double the staff of the PSO, the Security Squad of Public Order. 64 inspectors will be mobilized. "In some places, this feeling of insecurity returns to the surface. People complain about it. So we have to react to that, and the administrative authority has asked us to find solutions. This solution is the doubling of pedestrian patrols in the city center"says David Quinaux, spokesman for the local police in Charleroi.

It remains to know who will follow up the investigation if a dealer is arrested for example. The narcotics service of the Charleroi local police is already suffocated by the workload.

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