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Narcotraffic and violence are not weakening in Colombia, especially on its seafront. This is the finding of the bishop of Tumaco, a city on the Pacific coast, one of the poorest and most isolated in the country.

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"The fight against drug trafficking is not only that of Colombia, it is also that of consumersSays Bishop Orlando Olave Villanoba, the Bishop of Tumaco, a town in the South West of the country on the Pacific coast. Tumaco, and more generally the Colombian maritime facade, far from the centers of decision are particularly marked by the narcotrafic.

"Unfortunately, we have one of the regions of the country and the world where the activities of cultivation, transformation and exit of the drug traffic are the highest, regrets the bishop. It is a region historically marked by neglect, marginalization.

According to Bishop Villanoba, some municipalities in his diocesehave access to nothingAs a result, this reality of abandonment and marginalization has pushed people to take the wrong path to engage in illicit cultivation.

An isolated region

For all that, continues the bishop of Tacumo, "the cultivation of coca leaves does not enrich the inhabitants but instead leaves them increasingly poor and mired in the growing violence that the country is experiencing ". The endemic violence in this region of Colombia is a consequence of this situation of marginalization, poverty, lack of opportunities.

The Bishop of Tacumo also returns to the particular geographical features of this region on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, notably with "tides four meters highWho enter the mangrove and upset the ecosystems. To this is added a slowness of the public authorities towards this isolated region, in spite of the efforts of the successive governments.

Faced with this cruel reality, the Colombian Church continues to raise its voice to raise awareness of the issues of development and education, essential in these regions most affected by drug trafficking. The diocese of Temuco works hand in hand with non-governmental organizations and faith-based organizations to train leaders in the defense of human rights and develop projects for the integration of young people.

A fragile peace process

Bishop Villanoba also points out that drug trafficking in Colombia is closely linked to the country's security situation. And even though the conflict ended with the FARC, the situation is not solved everywhere. "The peace process has been successfully completed, which at first gave rise to many expectations and desires to get out of this situation, but unfortunately, because of this same structural reality of violence and poverty, it has not it was not possible for all to disarm and some took up arms again, other groups were armed behind this terrible drug thus deplores the bishop.

Colombia is still the first country in the world in coca production: between 2016 and 2017, the country reached a world record of planted area of ​​coca shrubs: 171,000 hectares according to the United Nations figures.

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