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Summer Champion Motif in Pediatric Emergencies: Cranial Trauma (or TC, we love doing abbreviations to be able to fart in public, know it!)

And there, inevitably, it's panic. Kevin broke the ribbon in the garden, and he banged his head against the tile of granny (he had been told to put grass in the old, mess!).

What to do? Kill grandma? Complete the child? No…

Already do not panic, Kevin is (still eh) and we watch how he goes.

Basically, there are 4 signs of immediate gravity in a fall with head trauma

  1. – The PCI (class huh? In fact, it means Loss of Initial Knowledge, it has nothing to do with a political party) with a child that is found UNCONSCIOUS. Not weak, not "bof he jumped on the spot", no, no reaction when we talk to him! It does not interact anymore! That's a loss of consciousness. If the kid smiles at you or grins, he's not unconscious.
  2. – The immediate crying. Well yes, for the little ones, it's harder to know so we listen (not falling, even if it's funny), we listen if he cries directly after falling … or not. If he does not cry right away (and if it's not Arnold Schwazerneger's son – yes, I do not know how to write it, so what?) So your child probably did the PCI -see above- . If he's crying his race -as they used to say at home- he's perfectly conscious and it's already less worrying.
  3. – Vomiting: if your child begins to vomit after the fall, it will be necessary to consult with the emergencies. So after that, be so reasonable, if the kid has just slipped 250ml milk in one gulp and he vomited once his meal, seriously, it's normal. If you do not believe me, eat a cassoulet and ask that you be dropped from the top of the stairs of the entrance, you will see what it does in real life.
  4. – And … Behavioral disorders! It is certainly the most difficult. Basically, if your child seems slow when he speaks to you (like it takes 5 seconds to form his sentence), he says anything (style, Jul is a fucking good singer or Emmanuel Macron, it's still a chic guy) or he can not stay awake while you talk to him, you have to consult too.

It remains to nuance with two other criteria: age and kinetics

If your child is less than one year old and falls with head impact or even doubt about an impact: you need medical advice and expect to be able to stay for 6 hours at 24 hours under supervision at the hospital, according to the opinion of the doctor.

If your child is taller, like 4/5 years old, will often take a lot more and you have to think about kinetics.

But what is kinetics? (Hint, it's not a music, a movie, or a pet)

In medicine, it is the force with which the child gets caught in the box.

The stronger the kinetics, the faster you have to consult.

To be more clear

Kevin walks in the kitchen, he looks at his iPhone (the little idiot, he was told 67 times) and BAM he takes the corner of the kitchen cabinet high. Well, besides the fact that Kevin is unlikely to survive on his own in nature, Kevin certainly has nothing (EXCEPT if he has a sore of course!).

Second scenario, Queen D (I call it what I want, that's my story!) Is playing in the trampoline [Merveilleuse idée de merde ce truc au passage, c’est le premier pourvoyeur de fracture et autres traumas que l’on reçoit, si vous voulez buter votre enfant, c’est LA meilleure façon de faire. Je soupçonne même les chirurgiens pédiatriques d’avoir des actions là-dedans…avec les Hoverboards…offrir ces trucs-là à votre gosse, c’est comme lui refiler le ballon et lui dire “Tiens, va jouer sur le carrefour”]

In short, I go astray, Queen D trampoline, it bounces to 1m in height and passes on the other side with impact head first against the concrete.
There, seriously, have to bring Queen D because it's a bit strong as shock, nan? She is not invincible either.

To summarize, either your kid is SMALL (<1 years old) or the kinetics is STRONG (even if he's tall) or there is ONE SIGN OF GRAVITY, and you have to come visit us (with joy and happiness in your hearts ).

Bonus point: The Bump

It is very likely that the kid does not come out unscathed from his encounter with the tiles. And it's sometimes impressive. But, basically, there are two types of bumps: the good hump and the bad hump (like the hunters).

If, when you feel (and must feel, even if it hurts), it's all soft like marshmallow, it must be brought to the emergency room, if it's super hard as the skull of your mother-in-law, not of problem. Basically, a big soft hump is a possible fracture of the cranial vault, so we must check, normally, what is underneath, it is not done to be airy.

Last small point: the ESCALIERS!

Yeah, the stairs, unless it's only the last step and still, you have to consult. If Corentin goes down 10 steps, anyway, we have to look at that (because he's not bouncing on Corentin's steps, huh!) So you can come. You can limit considering the fall on the stairs as a SIGN OF GRAVITY.

That's all in all for, already, to guide you on the subject this summer (because it will inevitably happen, when Julia will want to feed these empaffés of ducks, when Djulian will miss the walk down from his room or when you will inaugurate the trampoline that your sister-in-law has offered you because "oh, it's too good for them to get busy").

And note the time of the fall, the monitoring of a traumatic brain injury in a child willingly 6 hours in the hospital.

Kisses, caramel cream and Arnica to all!

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