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When the desire for fresh (or cold) turns to obsession. The ice creams take the first place of the little pleasures that do good by 30 ° in the shade. Refreshing and gourmet, our selection.

More than flip-flops or ultra-short shorts to wear in town, ice rhymes with summer and is always unanimous. Whether you are a corn or pot, ice cream or sorbet, strawberry or chocolate, addictive or occasional, the offer today regales all your senses (well … almost) and this, whatever your desires of the day! Gone are the days when one was stuck to a scent for life. Change is good and offers perspectives where greed and daring go together. Temperatures, at the end of June, provide you with an excuse to succumb to various trends: rich in fruit, booster creative toppings, from elsewhere, to ask on a wafer or to customize … With these little moves cold greedy, you have not finished the language.

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These greedy and original ice creams will make you salivate.

Glacier 1891. A new kid. Direction the 9th to discover a range of ice creams and frozen pastries concocted under the guidance of Ophélie Bares, pastry chef of the year 2014 and consultant for the occasion. Three variations: cornet, pot or monaka (our favorite), it is a wafer made of seashell rice flour that serves as a horn (more elegant). With 8 flavors and 6 sorbets, you'll have something to do. To be tested: pineapple-chilli and grapefruit-mint.

Or : 59 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 10th. Open from 11h30 to 19h – 01 40 79 01 81

Monaka Prize: 5 € for 1 ball – 6,50 € for 2 balls

Hoct & Loca. The chocolate bar puts the strawberry in all its forms. It was appreciated nature, drowned under whipped cream, marinated in a good red wine, there she plunges lost in chocolate. 6 selected wines, among which: Venezuela 72; Madagascar 64; Brazil 55; Caribbean 46; Cara 36 and Noisetté 33. The whole is presented in a crunchy cornet, which for once, also deserves to be tasted.

Or : 99 rue de la Verrerie, 4th. Open Monday to Friday: 8h to 20h – Weekend: 10h to 20h – 01 45 32 12 09

Price: from 7 € to 8 € 75, the strawberry cone

Magnum. Launch of an ephemeral pleasure store dedicated to the XXL Eskimo. Interest? Once there, we innovate and personalize his Magnum to envy. Topping, grout, ice, place to the imagination. Something to claim? As a tribute to the Pride March, the creation Rainbow, graphic and "instagrammable" wish is in the spotlight at this time. An excluded from the pleasure store.

Or : 4 rue Pavée, 4th. Open until September 30th. Sunday to Wednesday: from 12h to 21h, from Thursday to Saturday: from 12h to 22h30.

Price: € 6

To the mother of a family. If the house makes chocolates and other sweets since 1761 in its workshops, it also masters the art of Eskimo. This season, two options: 1) Pure juices made from fresh fruits selected by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) Primeur and declined in 9 flavors Raspberry, fruit paste raspberry Vine peach, fruit paste peach Passion ( our favorite), pear, passion fruit paste Lemon, lime fruit paste. 2) More classic whatever … Chocolate, Caramel Crazy Squirrel, Coffee, Caramelized Walnut Pecans, Pistachio Calisson, Vanilla Chocolate Beads.

Or : All addresses

Price: Pure juice: 4,50 € (60g) – Eskimos (90g): 5 €

Verlet. Another nice collab. It is with Ice cream in Paris that the famous coffee house has joined forces to celebrate the beautiful season. Emmanuel Ryon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and World Pastry Champion and Verlet offer 4 exclusive recipes including: 3 recipes at Verlet coffee: Kopi Luwak ice cream, Moka Sidamo ice cream and Panama Geisha sorbet and 1 plumber (candied fruit ice cream from the Lilamand House). À la carte: 10 flavors, including an ephemeral that changes every month: 3 ice creams: vanilla, pistachio neroli and crunchy caramel and 6 sorbets: chocolate, raspberry, mango, hibiscus strawberry, orange carrot ginger and white peach pepper.

Or : 256 Rue Saint Honoré, 1st. Open Monday to Saturday from 9h to 19h – 01 42 60 67 39

Price: classic – from € 8.90 the 120ml jar (available in 450ml) – exclusive – € 9.90 the Kopi Luwak ice cream jar

Jacques Genin. "I do not want to leave me," Jacques Genin likes to say. What a great bargain for the chocolate maker to decline, a new universe: Pleasures in series, dedicated to high-flying ice cream. From the cone to the teaspoon (chocolate) everything is eaten. On the program, the classic flavors: pistachio, chocolate, vanilla from Tahiti or coffee from Ethiopia and other more confusing like Sichuan pepper or juniper berry grapefruit could also see the day.

Or : 133 rue de Turenne, 3rd. – 01 45 77 29 01

Price: 1 ball 6 € – 2 balls 8 €

Hugo & Victor. Ice cream or sorbet? That is the question. And the chef Hugues Pouget will be of no help to decide as his creations are to fall. Ice cream: cappuccino, homemade praline, caramel salted butter (elected best ice cream Paris 2018), Sicilian pistachio, vanilla whole pods, pure dark chocolate (our favorite) and lemon cheesecake. Sorbet fans will not hesitate between: wild currant, strawberry with lemon zest, grapefruit, Mediterranean lemon, wild raspberry, passion, honey-orange blossom, Brazilian lime, montezuma, (mango sweet spices) and pink.

Or : 40 boulevard Raspail, 7th. Open Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 10h to 19h, Friday from 10h to 20h and Saturday from 9h30 to 20h. Until mid-September.

Price: pot 165 ml – from 5,70 € – 1 ball 3,50 € – 2 balls 5 €


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