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The General Assembly of the AVF (reception of the cities of France) took place from 14 hours in the hall of the castle Catala. The president, Alain Séraudie, first thanked all the participants (more than 120 people), the members of the Board and all the animators who work with as much passion. He did not forget to thank the Mayor of Saint-Orens who always brings a lot to the association.

As usual he then presented the moral report and the report of activity of the AVF for 2018-2019 which were voted unanimously.

The budget of the association, presented by the treasurer, was approved unanimously. The year 2019 was elective for the AVF and a list of ten volunteers made up of seven elders and three new ones was elected to form the board of directors. The general assembly was closed at 3.30 pm. The volunteers then "spread out" to prepare the end-of-season pot which began at 7.30 pm in the presence of Anicet Kounougous, deputy of solidarity, representative of the town hall of Saint-Orens and more than 150 participants. After the usual little speeches the "pot" was able to start around a "vino verde" and the multitude of "toasts", both salty and sweet, prepared by the volunteers of the association under the leadership of C. Arsac and D. Soulié. From 9 pm, the lottery draw was held for the distribution of the lots made by the different workshops; twenty people won. Finally the "musical concert" was provided by the AVF's Guitar Animation and the great dynamic classics (more than twenty) managed to swing and sing all the assistance in a friendly atmosphere. The party ended shortly before 11 pm while wishing for a good holiday and appointment next season.

Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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