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Bblood can not lie. His mother Svetlana, an international from Kazakhstan who arrived in France in 2004, stopped in Calais. Naturally she pushed the door of the Delphine-Ledoux room where she still trains.

Helen, her daughter, has made her second home and is there. His early arabesques did not wait long before attracting the attention of officials. His first international release took place in June 2014 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with a 5th place at the key.

The years pass and the podiums follow each other, always higher. Hélène becomes champion of France Espoir in April 2016. She will not leave the first places of the general competition. She finished 2nd junior category in 2017 and 2018. The year 2019 is the year of consecration with the title of champion of France Elite conquered hard fight last weekend.

Hélène Karbanov, soon to be 15, is a mix of ambition and tranquility. She confesses just a pinch to the heart before entering the feasible Creteil, but not really afraid. Without fear, because without reproach one could say.

The Olympic Games as a goal

It is progressing because it gives itself the means. All this work done week after week, thirty hours in normal period, which does not weigh more than that, makes him more and more confidence: " There are an infinity of small details to adjust and rehearsals to do ".

She is well on her way without setting limits, but the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 make her dream. Her coach Katia Guillère does not go out of her way: " It makes me think of Delphine Ledoux by the implication of all the moments which she shows for the realization of her project ".

We can hardly imagine compliment more flattering. In the meantime, hopefully facing stiffer competition at the world championships in Moscow in mid-July, Hélène will resume Monday her schoolbag and think of his oral college patent. The subject, not very simple either, which she chose, Salvador Dali's "Face of the War", might well allow her to shine there too.

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The Calais Pole GR: President: Bernard Dumondel / Pole Coach: Svetlana Karbanov / Helena Karbanov Coach: Katia Guillère Norel / Choreographer: Sacha Vangrevelhynge.

Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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