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Mid-day newspapers

The "13 Hours" of TF1 – Anne-Claire Coudray : 4.53 million (38.6%).
The "13 Heures" of France 2 – Leila Kaddour : 2.30 million (19.6%).
The "12.45" of M6 – Nathalie Renoux : 1.38 million (12.3%).

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The hierarchy is unchanged, with total domination of TF1.

Evening newspapers

The "20 Hours" of TF1 – Anne-Claire Coudray: 5.46 million (30.6%).
The "20 Heures" of France 2 – Laurent Delahousse : 3.91 million (21.9%).
The "19.45" (M6) – Nathalie Renoux: 2.43 million (15.1%).
The "national 19/20" (France 3) – Catherine Matausch : 2.29 million (15.3%).

The "20 Hours" of the A is in great shape, carried by its lead-in, the final of the World Cup football.

The prime-time access

"66 Minutes – Large Format" (M6): 1.82 million (12.8%).
"Do not forget the words" (France 2): 1.58 million (10.8%).
"The starting pot of Catherine and Liliane" (Canal +) : 241.000 (1.3%).

From 19h55 to 21h15, Canal + programmed the "starting pot" of his two humorists in the clear, after a first broadcast in the clear.
"66 minutes" holds up well in the World Cup final, allowing M6 to overtake France 2 on this schedule.

The second evening party

"Exclusive survey" (M6):1.21 million (12.8%).

The magazine of Bernard de La Villardière returns the bar of a million viewers.

Sport :

"Finale of the Women's Football World Cup" (TF1): 5.26 million (41.2%).
"Tour de France – 2nd stage" (France 3): 2.43 million (23.4%).
"Telefoot" (TF1): 698,000 (12.3%).

Winning 2 goals to zero, the final of the World Cup women's football cardon on TF1 from 17h to 18h54. On Canal +, the match attracted an additional 686,000 football fans (5.4% PDA). On TF1, the presentation of the Cup brought together 4.40 million viewers, or 31.2% of the public.

From 2.20 pm to 4.50 pm, the team time trial of the Tour de France will boost the afternoon of France 2.

To note :

"8 chances to win everything" (France 3): 815,000 (6.7%).
"The Great Slam" (France 3): 1.23 million (9.2%).

Faced with football on TF1 and Canal +, the other channels are rolled, like the games of France 3. "8 chances to win everything" equal and its lowest PDA of the season. The big Slam "is at the lowest in audience share this season.

* Figures Médiamétrie

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