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Escoffier High School has set up Health Week, which allows the greatest number of young people to follow these courses for better health.
Djelyan Gazengel is 16 years old and already knows the importance of these workshops: « For us young people, it's important to take good care of ourselves, that everyone knows that smoking, drinking, and everything is not always fun. Make them understand that helping people is very important ".

Seventeen topics addressed

Sarah Sijlimassi is a professor of management economics, and she returns to the organization with topics ranging from brushing teeth, to narcotics prevention, first aid, diabetes and sexuality: " Seventeen topics had to be dispatchered over a week. All these workshops are represented by associations. This allows them to educate them about their health and to make prevention especially. And in all areas. "

© Nicolas Fasquel

© Nicolas Fasquel

The dangers of drugs

The narcotics brigade is for example present with a variety of illicit products, in order to show these young people, the danger of these drugs.
" I came to present to them all that we can find in New Caledonia, and the dangers that are linked to it Says one of the anti-drug trainer police. " We try to explain to them through discussion the real dangers because the enemy is the internet. Since they have the internet, they feel hyper-informed, but they are often informed about bad things. And so, we try to bring them the truth. Unfortunately, in Caledonia, you can find everything. If we can influence young people who will then influence their comrades, we actually won ".
This third edition of Health Week is available in seventeen themes until Friday.

The report by Olivier Jonemann and Nicolas Fasquel


Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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