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The facts go back to August 2018 in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Gard.

AT Bagnols-sur-Cèze, in the Gard, this 27th of August 2018, a little girl, one year old, had swallowed a can of cannabis. The child was close to his father, a cannabis user, and the shit meatball then slipped from one of Dad's pockets. The parents did not see anything. Later, they worried when they found that their little girl was sleeping and vomiting. The child was hospitalized.

She was sleeping and vomiting

Health exams revealed a rate of THC, a sign of cannabis use, in children. Parents who were in the hospital were notified by the doctor who decided to keep the child overnight at the pediatric ward.

Parents take the child home

A little later in the evening, these young parents decided to bring the little girl home. "They signed a release, they thought it would be better at home, and maybe panicky," says Parent's lawyer Marine Santimaria. not a willingness to remove the child to the hospital. " The hospital staff immediately notified the police. The child was taken away from his parents.

Dad cried a lot at the hearing. Since then, he has not smoked cannabis anymore

Pursued for removal by a parent of his legal obligations compromising the health and safety of the child, the father and mother – they are separated – were summoned to the criminal court at the end of last week. "Their child could have died, it could have caused a coma, and the father is angry and remorseful," says Wafae Ezzaitab, who was representing the child and asked for € 1 in damages. "Dad cried a lot at the hearing, and since then he has not been smoking cannabis," says Marine Santimaria.

A temporary placement very framed

The mother recovered the child but as part of a highly regulated temporary placement procedure. The mother is followed by educators and social workers. The father was sentenced to a suspended fine of € 1,000 and the mother suspended a fine of € 700.

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