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Today is 420 Day, proclaimed international day of weed smokers. Anglo-Saxon reference at 4:20 pm, conducive to smoking a joint, it has by extension become both a term to designate pro-cannabis rallies, but also a date (April 20, pronounced "four twenty" in English, or 4/20) to which one celebrates the cannabis and the counter-culture which surrounds it. offers you a special ganja playlist to accompany your day and possibly your spliff. Do not wait until 4:20 pm to play these sounds. To consume without moderation !

Max Romeo – My Jamaican Collie
If the Gaylads sang the merits of Jamaican women in 1971 (My Jamaican GirlMax Romeo seemed to prefer the weed despite his charming nickname. The author of the tube War Ina Babylon chime to the Gaylads their melody and replace the girls by the ganja in 1973 on My Jamaican Collie. "I have traveled all over the world and I have smoked a lot of varieties of herbs, but of all the weeds I've smoked, it's the one I prefer, it's my Jamaican herb.". Jamaica seems to be home to the best weed and the most beautiful women in the world if we believe our reggae artists. Two more reasons to visit the island …

Black Uhuru – Sinsemilia
"I've got a stalk of sinsemilia growing in my back yard!" Michael Rose confesses in music and without shame cultivate marijuana and delivers with Black Uhuru an umpteenth hymn to ganja with this Sinsemilia, timeless classic. We are in 1980 and Black Uhuru is experiencing its most productive period while reggae is in full swing. The sound of Channel One takes over and roots reggae ventures into heavier, deeper sounds. Sly & Robbie are responsible for this powerful bass drum typical of the roots of the 80s that makes sense on this Sinsemilia. Michael Rose, lead vocal, exposes all the benefits of his favorite grass and Duckie Simpson and Sandra Puma Jones emphasize his remarks of their plaintive harmonies. A moment of grace with a little dedication to Peter Tosh at the end of the song, who was often persecuted because of his fight for the decriminalization of marijuana.

Peter Broggs – International Farmer
The hymn par excellence of all growers of ganja. Peter Broggs was the first artist to sign on the American label Ras Records. His hit International Farmer will be entitled to two versions, each on albums distributed by Ras Records. The original version dates from 1982 with the Roots Radics at the backing band, on the album Rastafari Liveth. Very refined, without any artifice, this version is a true roots killer which will be entitled to a second youth in the 2000s with the riddim reboosted by the French Furybass who will notably pose Million Stylez with the burning Move From On Yah (other ganja tune very successful). The second version is present on the album Rise And Shine, released in 1985. This time, it is the Wailers in person who take care of riddim. The mix is ​​more precise, the arrangements and harmonies more worked and the result just as convincing.

Triston Palmer – Joker Smoker
"Dem a joker smoker!" In 1982, Triston Palmer castigates the fake smokers, those who do not want to buy weed, but who come constantly begging to their friends. "You give them sensi, they ask you for a leaf, you give them a leaf, they ask you for fire." A classic early dancehall produced by the deejay Jah Thomas, orchestrated by the Roots Radics and recorded at Channel One at a time when overdubbing techniques are developing more and more. Triston Palmer does not seem to be a joker smoker as he pushes the joke to the cover of the album that bears the same title where his name is written on packets of sheets to roll!

Mighty Diamonds – Pass the Kouchie
The ganja tunes are numerous in the history of reggae. But this one is among the most famous. Pass the Kouchie (literally "pass the pipe") was recorded by the Mighty Diamonds in the early 80's at Channel One studio on behalf of producer Gussie Clarke. A throbbing roots with almost humorous lyrics taken a few years later by Musical Youth, a group of English singing children. The Musical Youth translate all references to the weed into references to food. The "Kouchie" becomes a "Dutchie", in other words a pot in patois. The juvenile version becomes an international hit and of course helps to make known the piece of the Diamonds which do not yet see a very good œhe this recovery. The Jamaican group will go as far as filing a complaint against Musical Youth for plagiarism. Justice has proved them right in 2012.

Michael Palmer – Smoke the Weed
Smoke the weed yes, but do not smoke the seeds! Any self-respecting smoker knows this rule. The smell and taste of a burned seed quickly make the desire to leave a drag in his spliff. This is not why Michael Palmer forbids us to smoke seeds. No, for him, we simply need to sow them and give life to new ganja plants. Admissible argument!

John Holt – Police in Helicopter
Without a doubt one of the greatest titles of John Holt, Police in Helicopter is not what the gentleman has accustomed us to. Specialist lover's rock and rocksteady with the Paragons, then solo, he signed a real early dancehall hit in 1983 with this Police in Helicopter produced by Henry Junjo Lawes on his label Volcano. The Roots Radics, THE backing band of the time, are responsible for playing the riddim and the combination of the two is simply sumptuous. A hymn that will be banned radios and will ensure a huge success to its author who had written in a few minutes: "One day, I flew from Montego Bay to Kingston. I looked through the porthole and saw all those helicopters and smoke coming from the big fires below. The police were burning marijuana fields. I asked for a piece of paper and wrote the song in 15 minutes on the plane: "Police in helicopter. Searching for marijuana. And I said, "If you keep on burning the weed fields, we'll burn the sugar cane fields." And the government banned the song because people from St Ann started fires in the sugar cane fields. They took this song very seriously. "

Chezidek – Leave the Trees
Chezidek is known for being an artist close to nature. In spite of his growing fame, he never left his native mountains and lives in the middle of the forest, being satisfied most of the time with what she offers him. He shows this way of life in this tube which revealed it to the general public in 2004. Asked a recut of the Chapter A Day Riddim from Jacob Miller, Leave the Trees is an ode to ganja, but not only … Chezidek is of course referring to the many grass plantations destroyed in Jamaica by the police, but it goes beyond that by reminding the world that plants are living beings. "Leave the trees alone, let them live, you do not see that you are destroying the environment". With simple lyrics, a crystalline voice, and a recognizable melody, the St Ann artist is forever writing a strong message that it is not useless to move from time to time.

Alborosia – Herbalist
We are in 2006 and the reggae planet discovers a true UFO: the Italian Alborosie. A European who makes reggae as well as Jamaicans, we had not seen that since Gentleman! Herbalist is the first hit of the Italian installed in Jamaica. And what a hit! A ganja tune that, beyond advocating the consumption of weed, outright glorifies the traffic. After all, without resellers, smokers would have nothing to put in their lungs … "Herbalist, High grade specialist, import green stash, export green cash!" The title will be on the album Soul Pirate in 2008, an opus that compiles the best singles of the artist recorded since its inception and which is quickly positioned as a classic. Definitely one of the best reggae albums of the first decade of the 2000s.

Micah Shemaiah & Rassi Hardknocks – Legal
In the past, many Jamaican artists complained loudly about repressive marijuana legislation or demanded legalization. Today, laws are becoming more flexible around the world, including Jamaica, and lyrcis are changing little by little. In 2016, the young and talented Micah Shemaiah rebelled on the deep Legal in feat with Rassi Hardknocks posed on a sumptuous recut from Can not Stop Righteousness Gladiators!

Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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