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Accelerator for Fretlink! The start-up specialist road transport announces Monday have completed a new round of table of 25 million euros. The young shoot had completed a series A of 6 million euros just two years ago. All the shareholders who had then participated in the transaction (Daphni, Elia Partners, Breega Capital, The Family, SGH Capital and Tekton Ventures) have also returned to the pot, covering just over 12 million euros. The other half was brought by new entrants to the capital: the Weaving Invest fund, the business angel FGrinda, who has invested in Dropbox or BlaBlaCar, but especially the corporates Edenred and TIP.

A major axis of development for the startup since the two companies are at the heart of the challenges of transport logistics. Edenred thus has a vertical dedicated to professional mobility and more specifically to fleet management. For its part, TIP specializes in leasing industrial vehicles and has more than 70,000 trucks in Europe. These two new shareholders should allow Fretlink to enrich its offer of various services, the startup aspiring to integrate various offers (purchase of trucks, equipment and accessories or optimization of the management of fuel costs …) all along the transport chain so as not to be confined to the simple role of intermediary.

Optimize logistics costs

Fretlink has developed a solution to connect industrial chargers to a network of more than 5,000 regional European carriers with some 200,000 trucks. The platform centralizes data throughout the transportation chain, from shipper needs to available transportation capacity, to transportation plans. This allows companies to optimize their logistics costs by arbitrating, not only according to the tariffs charged by carriers, but according to two other complementary criteria: the loading capacity available at a time T – because that is where the problem crystallizes – and the quality of service offered by the different carriers.

" Logistic monitoring avoids additional costssays Paul Guillemin, CEO and co-founder of Fretlink. By choosing a carrier on the only price comparison, shippers are encouraged to retain the one offering the most competitive rates, at the risk of having to pay compensation to its customers or suppliers if the shipment arrives late, for example. Fretlink's idea is precisely to guarantee its customers optimal visibility of their logistical costs while allowing them to visualize the optimization possibilities, by pooling loads, for example.

In just three years of existence, the startup solution has already convinced more than 400 customers, including several big names in the industry as services, like Saint-Gobain, Nestlé or Bouygues but also Intermarché, Alinéa or ShowroomPrivate. And the young push does not intend to stop there.

Focus on Europe

In addition to new services that Fretlink promises to integrate into its offering, the startup also wants to broaden its horizons. Although she is already working all over Europe to be able to efficiently track shipments, she wants to open several sales offices in different neighboring countries, starting with Germany and Belgium, where the company is set to open in the summer. Poland should follow in the coming months. "Our customers have supply chains and problems on a European scale, with industrial sites in several countries and complex transport plans. We hope, through this expansion, to develop strong relationships with local stakeholders and continue to build a standard of transport organization across Europe", Explains Paul Guillemin.

The challenge of fundraising also lies in scaling up the solution: " we will go from a few trucks per industrial to several hundred or even thousands", Emphasizes the entrepreneur. For this, the startup will strengthen its workforce, now composed of about 80 people, and will recruit a hundred employees by the end of 2020.

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