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This week, in the wake of the fight against money laundering and enrichment through illicit trafficking, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Icac) is expected to maintain operations targeting several people across the island.

A businessman from a suburb of the capital is on his Hit List. He is believed to have acted as a nominee for several traffickers who allegedly bought real estate and sports cars. The series of descents should start this Monday.

Businessmen would act as suppliers of cars and housing to drug traffickers and their henchmen. According to the Icac investigation, in several cases drug traffickers would be traveling in vehicles bought by the businessmen. "The traffickers acted with the complicity of the businessmen, who could explain more easily where their money came from. "

One of the targeted businessmen would have bought cars on credit. He has recovered the cash from the traffickers and counts movable and immovable property acquired on his behalf. One of the cars is estimated at Rs 1.5 million.

After verifications, the businessman would not enjoy these goods. It would have only facilitated the money laundering process. Icac suspects that traffickers have spent more money in this process than acquired assets. For a car that costs Rs 1 million, traffickers would have spent more than Rs 2 million. After having recovered the money, the businessman would have acquired several vehicles, through leases. The vehicles were however used by the alleged right arms of the drug dealers. At this stage, the Operation Rass ledan saw the seizure of sixteen cars and two off-roaders. Attachment Orders have been issued on several houses and other real estate as well as purebred dogs.

Four abandoned breed dogs

Since last week's operation, Icac has received information that individuals have abandoned their pedigree dogs to avoid being pinned. In two of the localities targeted by the powerful operations of Icac, with the help of the police intervention group of Mauritius and the Special Supporting Unit, some mastiffs were abandoned in the streets.

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