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The Radicals Left group wants to make the French capital a city of experimentation for the legalization of therapeutic cannabis. The Paris council will discuss this issue from July 8 to 11.

Laurence Goldgrab, president of the Radical group of Left Center and Independent (RGCI), proposed to make Paris a test city for the legalization of therapeutic cannabis, reports Le Parisien. This project will be debated at the Paris council from 8 to 11 July.

In a forum published in the Nouvel Observateur in mid-June, 70 personalities called on the authorities to legalize cannabis in the name of "pragmatism". This proposal was signed by doctors, elected officials and economists eager to "end the status quo". The mayors of Saint-Ouen and Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) are among the signatories.

They regret that France is "lagging behind" its neighbors who have "all relaxed their legislation".

In its June report, the Economic Analysis Council (EAC) presented the benefits of legalizing cannabis. According to the organization, legalization will help to "fight against organized crime, restrict access to products for the youngest and develop an economic sector, creating jobs and tax revenues."

"Currently, France has the most repressive system in Europe and yet we are also the country where consumption is exploding, especially among minors. The report is without appeal: 50 years of inefficient and costly repression, "regretted Thursday, July 4, in Le Parisien, Laurence Goldgrab who ensures that" this experiment would fight more effectively against organized crime. "

Even if the Paris council voted in favor of this experiment, the final decision would depend on the state. But the government has already reaffirmed in June its opposition to the legalization of cannabis.

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