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The Gye toll is a hotspot for traffic of all kinds that customs officers watch like milk on fire. But the seizure they make this June 30, 2019 is so exceptional that we must go back to 2016 to find a similar case.

That day, they spot an Opel Astra rental, registered in Spain, with one man on board. In the trunk are four cans. Two are empty, the others contain a yellow liquid: liquid methamphetamine diluted in water, or a total of forty kilos of this drug.

Mike the alchemist

The story that the driver, a 43-year-old Spaniard, delivers to the investigators, will give a series B look to the case. He tells of being a pleasure boat captain in Ibiza. It is precisely on a boat that he met "California man", an American who calls himself "Mike".

On behalf of the latter, the defendant began in October 2018 to do "odd jobs". Most of the time he is responsible for carrying envelopes, the contents of which he does not know, in various European cities such as Copenhagen or Brussels.

He scrupulously follows the instructions of "Mike" via the encrypted e-mail application Signal, in which the American calls himself "el alquimista": "the alchemist".

€ 90,000 fine

The accused assures, however, that he did not think he was carrying drugs, and that when he was arrested at the Gye toll, it was the only time he found himself carrying cans.

"Did you know it was methamphetamine? Asked the judge on Friday. " No ! Replied the defendant, in Spanish. "I asked Mike if it was cocaine, he assured me no. "

Mike did not lie. In any case, he is no longer there to ensure the back of his partner. The defendant was sentenced to 24 months for drug trafficking with detention, a French inadmissibility for three years, and a fine of € 90,000 (the equivalent of the price of the goods he carried, according to Customs).


Herb Approach

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