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Heroin, cocaine and, exceptionally, cannabis resin: it was enough to order to be delivered in time. The traffic of stupas does not escape, either, to the uberization of society. And the small business of these two Nancy brothers was rather flourishing according to the investigations launched by police officers from Dombasle police station, then reinforced by the brigade of narcotics Departmental Security of Nancy.

Police dombaslois operated a pipe about traffic on their sector. They managed to identify a vehicle and two suspects. But the scale of the traffic radiated far beyond their jurisdiction, to make the big difference between the Lunévillois, the Saintois and the agglomeration of Nancy.

Highly lucrative traffic

The police's brigade of the stupas was then co-seizure of the investigation. Technical investigations in telephony around a number showed that a certain "Max" (the nickname of the dealer) sent a group message to his customers to warn them of the availability of products and take their orders.

The dealers then delivered the products, either by car for the big brother, or by scooter for the cadet, aged 15 years. The client file would concern a hundred people including about thirty faithful. According to estimates, traffic could generate up to € 2,500 per day. The gram of cocaine was sold 80 €, 20 € for heroin.

Positive searches

On Tuesday, July 2, the investigative group, which kept a close watch on the suspects, was arrested during a flagrant deal in the Olry Park car park in Nancy.

Searches led to the seizure of 150 g of heroin 28 g of cocaine 95 g resin a little more than 1000 € in liquid and weighing equipment and conditioning of the drug.

These stupas, as well as a list of consumers hidden in a vehicle parked near the homes of suspects, have not escaped the flair of the police's anti-drug dog.

Extract from prison

A third suspect, in detention, was taken from his cell to be placed in police custody as well. If the 15 year old teenager was released, his brother and the detainee are presented this Saturday, July 6th at the parquet of Nancy.

The arrest took place near Olry Park in Nancy.

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Herb Approach

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