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The president of the programs of the chain HBO the hammer: the fiction written by Sam Levinson, and prohibited to less than 16 years, does not seek sensationalism. "The goal of the series is to show adults the challenges teens face in 2019," said Casey Bloys. Hollywood Reporter. Among them: drugs, sex and violence.

"Some parents will frankly flip," warns the creator of "Euphoria", which was inspired by his own adolescence. And there is something. According to the American press, which was able to see the series produced by rapper Drake before its launch on June 16, nothing is spared to the viewer. Scene rape, frontal nudity, overdose, fiction pushes the limits of televised correct. So much so that the former HBO president has often said that "Euphoria" will get Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" suicide series for a children's program. And that could have been even more shocking.

Zendaya, who plays the heroine, and Sam Levinson revealed that the channel had requested that two scenes be modified. The first was the opening of the series, in which we should have seen a closeup of the vagina of a woman giving birth to the main character. The second was to show a hundred naked young men. Both sequences have been sweetened and only "thirty" penises and one fetus will be seen.

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