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The hunt for drug traffickers is intensifying in the suburbs of Rose Hill. On Monday, heavily mobilized police raided several areas of the island. This punch operation paid off, including the arrest of four people.

The big blow of this evening was the arrest of a denominated Jean Pierre Emmanuel Corret, 48 years old, alias Makaw, well known by the police. He was among the escapees from GRNO prison in 2010. He was apprehended at Colonel Maingard Avenue, at Barkly Residence, by the men of Chief Inspector Ashik Jagai and inspectors Doobaree and Moheswa. The police spent his house and his vehicle combing it.

A police raid, which began at 5 pm, lasted until late in the evening, required the mobilization of a large team from the Anti-Drug Brigade, the Special Supporting Unit, the National Coast Guard commandos and regular police. A search of the van of Jean Pierre Emmanuel Corret, more precisely the "subwoofer", resulted in the discovery of Rs 1,461,600. This large sum of money was in different denominations, including Rs 1000, 500, 200 and 100 Following this seizure, Jean Pierre Emmanuel Corret was placed under arrest. Judicial proceedings against money laundering will be opened against this suspect. But police already suspect that the money comes from drug trafficking on behalf of a network of bigwigs operating in the Barkly region.

The detainee Jean Pierre Emmanuel Collet is also stuck with the police for drug offenses, escaping from police detention, among others. This multi-recidivist is also known to the police for his participation in a case of jewelry theft, in January 2010, in Pereybere.

Besides the seizure of Rs 1.4 million in the car of Jean Pierre Emmanuel Corret, three other people were worried by the bloodhounds of Adsu, Monday. A man named Mikael Amoorgapillay was arrested with 15 doses of synthetic drugs in the Plaisance area of ​​Rose Hill. In this same town, the residence of Luciaono Beloiseau, aged 25, was searched. Twenty-six packages of synthetic drugs and a sum of Rs 9325 were seized from this man who is a painter by profession.

The same day, in Cité La Chaux, Mahébourg, an alleged drug dealer was caught in the act by the police when he was preparing to sell two doses of heroin for the sum of Rs 1000 to a police officer. But in finding that he had been trapped by the elements of Adsu South, under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent Jhurry, Ludovic River was able to flee. A search at his home revealed two sums of money, including Rs 3,600 and Rs 19,800. The police suspect this money to come from the sale of the drug. A few hours later, on Monday night, the suspect Ludovic Rivière became a prisoner at the Adsu Mahébourg office.

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