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On December 1, 2016, following an anonymous information delivered to the gendarmes of the Carcassonne research brigade, a judicial investigation was opened by the prosecutor's office of Carcassonne as part of an alleged drug trafficking, radiating in the Minervois but also in Carcassonne. The central character of this drug trafficking (resin, cannabis herb, as well as cocaine) would be a certain Willo, quickly identified as Wilfrid Torres.

From there, during a period of prevention that runs from October 28, 2016 to May 29, 2017, investigators will set up a whole system of surveillance of the person concerned, whether physically or by telephone tapping. For seven months, these investigations will eventually allow the identification of several people, gravitating in the environment of Wilfrid Torres, their suspect No. 1. First there will be Sally, her sister-in-law, who sources drugs from him and sells them. "I let myself sink …", she declared in court. There is also Mehdi, presented as a buyer and dealer of cannabis: "But I do not sell, we help!"

On telephone contact, there is also Cédric who appears. Also a consumer, he had declared himself to be a nurse storing narcotics to "make some money" Khalid, also a drug user, will be identified later, just like François, another alleged nanny.

Abdelkader, the eldest of the ten defendants, for his part wanted to remain silent in court, leaving it to Marion Blondeau to carry his word. What about Nathanael, the so-called "Hmar" (ass, stupid in Arabic), in which the gendarmes discovered cannabis resin and cocaine, two machine guns, a shotgun and the ammunition that goes with it. Not to mention the sum of 35,000 € in cash: "It's someone who asked me to keep everything. I had to be paid, but I did not touch anything! "

And then there is Mohamed Hachemi, the boss of the band, who denies any implication in any traffic. Like Torres, he is in a state of legal recidivism in this case. But there is also Abdesslame, who also "occasionally helps out." For the prosecution, prosecutor Amélie Donnette said that "there are not just a bunch of friends" in this case. where the material elements of the offenses are characterized "And the magistrate to continue about Wilfrid Torres that he is" at the center of this instruction, "and Mohamed Hachemi," who knows how it works to have already been sentenced to three years of prison for similar acts "…

For the defense of each of the defendants, except one who did not wish to be represented, nine lawyers have succeeded at the bar, so that the court takes into account the size of this traffic which is not it seems the one who has been portrayed. "We are in a problem of consumption. My client is not a lieutenant of Torres! "Me Sébastien Leguay hammered for Mehdi. Me Nicolas Domenech for his part pleaded on the personality of Sally, "who did not choose his childhood" What is also the share of doubt that can grant the court to condemn? Such was the question of Toulousain Me Alexandre Parra-Bruguière, Tuesday, for the defense of Abdesslame. To Khalid's interests, Charlotte Deloffre pleaded for her client to be sentenced to the level of her involvement: "He is not the second lieutenant of Torres …" For the defense of François, Alexandra Vitrac explained to the court that there was "no nanny role" on the part of his client, "who does not fit this profile at all!"

To the interests of Abdelkader, Marion Blondeau expressed serious doubts about the role of nanny loaned to his client: "It's a suit too big for him!" The same statement made by the Narbonnese Me Mohamed Essaqri for Nathanael, who does not dismiss the idea that his client was "chosen and manipulated" The Montpellier Me Florian Médico, in defense of Mohamed Hachemi, for his part swept the accusations: "We are faced with the theory of Don Quixote which is beat against windmills. We are facing a network that does not exist! "Victor Font, for Wilfrid Torres, also tried to show that the prosecution did not hold, in an investigation that was only" made dependent "

On Tuesday, the adjustment of prison sentences handed down by the court was left to the discretion of the judge of enforcement of sentences (Jap), Wilfrid Torres already being incarcerated.

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