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For almost a year, the seizures of drugs at the Reunion-Roland-Garros airport, by Customs Reunion, are increasing. And the diversity of profiles and modes of transport are amazing more and more.

In December and January, the conveyors of tens of kilograms of hashish transported the goods in cans and barrels of laundry. Two of the mules, a handballer from Noisiel (Seine-et-Marne) and a student nurse from Plessis-Belleville (Oise), solicited in a nightclub of 93, were persuaded to carry "material to shoot a video clip".

Arrested in April with what looked like a well-packed painting, a 19-year-old Belgian national was carrying 13.2 kg of shit, coated with coffee grounds. In June, a young Chadian arrived from Roissy carrying 681 g of cocaine in a bottle of shower gel.

"I was planning to sell for 50,000 euros"

Bastien, 29, had procured 666 g of cocaine from friends in his city Chevilly-Larue (Val-de-Marne), hidden inside big scented candles of a known sign. His phone does not carry any number or call, and he assures to have mounted the operation alone, during his trial in immediate appearance, last May. "Here in Reunion, there is a strong demand, at 150 euros per gram. I go out on weekends, I meet people, it's going fast, he explains in court. I planned to sell for 50,000, consume the rest and return to France. It's a taboo, but a lot of people are touching it here. "

Bastien was sentenced to five years in prison, with a warrant of committal at the hearing. He openly assumed the risk: by importing a pure commodity to 60% bought 16 000 euros, the prospects of profit on resale were of the order of 100 000 euros.

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