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DRUGS – Big net for the Guardia Civil. The Spanish police have dismantled an international organization that is active in drug trafficking, with the arrest of 5 people of British, Spanish and French nationality. The suspects were carrying drugs from Morocco to the United Kingdom, through the provinces of Gibraltar and Malaga, Spain.

The investigation was launched last October when the Guardia Civil became aware of "a criminal organization made up of British citizens who sent large amounts of hashish to their country," reports ABCAndalusia. During the investigation, the police discovered that the drug was transported from Morocco to southern Spain by boat and then stored "in childcare centers (drug storage areas) very safe and with security measures important, in order to avoid the actions of the police ", specifies the media on-line CalleReal.

To carry the hashish to the United Kingdom, the traffickers used their legal companies dedicated to the export of fruit: the drug was hidden among the oranges and then transported by truck to the country.

The Guardia Civil eventually intercepted one of the trucks in Salamanca, north-west Spain. Inside, she found, concealed "in boxes of orange, 1,335 kilograms of hashish". The driver is stopped.

"The investigation is continuing and, after analysis of the information, a police collaboration is established with the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom and with the Directorate of the Judicial Police of the National Police of France", specifies ABC. Three searches are carried out and lead to the arrest of two British in Spain. In total, 5 people were arrested.

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