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On Monday, a 44-year-old man was tried in court in Saint-Malo for drug trafficking and the transport of recidivist weapons. He had been in custody since last February 11th, the date of the previous hearing during which he had asked for time to prepare his defense.

The investigation began on February 7, 2019, during a gendarmerie check, as part of the upsurge in burglaries on Dinan. An individual is found with € 6,000 in cash. Can not justify the origin of such sums, his vehicle and his home are searched. In the powerful car, German brand, there are 1,970 kg of heroin, a scale, two daggers, three knives with a detent, a revolver and a pistol with cartridges. At home, 300 grams of cannabis and 300 tablets of ecstasy. A large drug traffic is updated. The suspect allegedly bought € 776,000 worth of narcotics over 7 months, some of which was sold to about a dozen clients: heroin, cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy. He used four phones to do this.

"I am schizophrenic"

At the hearing, in the box of detainees, the defendant recognizes a minimum. Released from prison in June 2018, despite treatment with methadone, he continues to "consume next door". He evades the traffic. Without resources for 15 years, his lifestyle is important and he can not explain it. The possession of weapons? He needs it for his safety, "I'm schizophrenic," he replies. "You know you're outlawed? ", Asks the President, after reading her criminal record and procedure. He nods. For the Prosecutor C. Le Crom, the defendant "wants to give an image that does not correspond to reality".

Five years in prison with detention, prohibition to hold weapons and appear in Côtes-d'Armor are required. "Self-destructive attitude" for the defense. Hedi Khouili ​​is sentenced to 5 years in prison, including 2 years suspended sentence and 2 years with detention, prohibition to hold a weapon for 5 years and appear in Côtes-d'Armor for 3 years .

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