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More than two months after the shooting that killed an employee of a shisha bar in rue Maréchal-Joffre (Saint-Clément district) on April 23 in Nantes, the authorities remain particularly mute about the shooting and the reason. Five arrests related to the facts nevertheless took place. And we have received testimonials about it.

It appears clear that the victim, Mancef Mjidou, has " took a lost ball and was there for nothing "Says a resident who knew him well. Mancef was buried in Fez (Morocco), where his family was born. Fewer than 200 people – which is little given the media hype – participated in a white march to end the war against neighborhoods ". A relative of the file explains the low affluence: "This war is linked to drugs, and it makes a lot of people live. More than the traffickers alone. In some neighborhoods, few people have an interest in traffic stopping ".

Bellevue, Beaulieu and Malakoff

Another shooting took place the day before at Bellevue[seetheexclusivevideo[voirlavidéoexclusiveBreizh Info]. The same vehicles – a Tmax scooter and an Audi – had been seen. Following these events, two men were charged with attempted murder by gangs, criminal conspiracy, illegal acquisition of category A and B weapons, and remanded in custody. One woman was placed under judicial supervision for the last two counts. According to the authorities, they were arrested in connection with the shooting of Bellevue and not with the homicide of the rue du Maréchal-Joffre.

The arrests took place on the night of April 26 to 27 rue Pitre de Lisle Dréneuc, in the district " sensitive "Beaulieu, a few hundred meters from the Regional Council, and five scooters including two T-Max were subsequently seized in this street by the police and taken for expertise. Shortly after, on the night of May 6 to 7, around 3 am, seven impacts of 22 LR landed in a door and the intercom of a building located rue Pergeline, not far from the place of the arrests.

Since then, we have received the testimony of a resident of Malakoff, who prefers to remain discreet. " Neither Mancef nor the owner of the shisha bar were targeted, contrary to what some may say. The shooters were targeting the neighborhood guys [de Malakoff] who end up in this shisha ". Reason? "There were some guys from Malakoff who went to Bellevue to shoot Laurel instead, just because they wanted to. But they did not foresee that the guys from Bellevue were going to defend themselves and put the package ".

The key to the case place laurels?

In addition to the historic misunderstanding between the offenders of Bellevue and Malakoff, the place des Lauriers is also a point of deal very juicy, as shown in this video that circulates on social networks. This is hardly surprising this experienced Nantes policeman. " Place des Lauriers, there are settlements often, actually related to drugs. And then Malakoff's offenders have gone green for several years crossing the Loire to settle in Beaulieu, it's right next ".

Moreover, the reaction of Bellevue offenders does not surprise him: " in a neighborhood, when there is a place to deal, the head of the network – which is younger and younger, it is well run and the younger they are, the less they risk on the judicial level – pay the mutuals and the trips to the wheat to the families of his "employees" is money that nobody spits, and then the profits are juicy enough to buy the silence of all. It's also money that is found in neighborhood businesses. If someone from another neighborhood comes to the point of deal, the distribution of money can dry up, the whole neighborhood faces the intruder ".

Louis Moulin

Photo credit : Beaulieu area seen from Malakoff in Nantes, DR
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