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It's a Record seizure in France for synthetic drugs : the customs officers of Lons-le-Saunier (Jura) discovered 391 kilos of crystals of methamphetamine in a heavyweight, last Wednesday, on the A39 motorway. The truck driver, of Spanish nationality, was incarcerated after his detention on Sunday.

The refrigerated heavy truck, registered in Spain, was heading for Germany when the Jura customs intercepted it, in SaƓne-et-Loire, to control it. The truck carries sixteen pallets of wooden doors and the last three, placed at the bottom of the trailer, attract the attention of customs officers.

A sophisticated cache

A sophisticated cache, invisible from the outside, is arranged in each of these three palettes. Inside, several boxes and plastic bags filled with crystals of methamphetamine. In total, 391 kg of synthetic drugs worth between 30 and 40 million Eurosaccording to the Ministry of Action and Public Accounts, in a statement.

Customs officers found synthetic drugs in pallets of wooden doors. - Any)
Customs officers found synthetic drugs in pallets of wooden doors.

The previous record seizure of synthetic drugs was in 2018, when Customs seized 97.4 tons of drugs (some of them on the high seas), including 470 kilograms of synthetic drugs.

Methamphetamine crystals seized by Jura customs officers. - Any)
Methamphetamine crystals seized by Jura customs officers.

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