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The three men, aged 59, 48 and 38 years, were tried since Thursday before the interregional specialized jurisdiction (Jirs) of Rennes, in Ille-et-Vilaine, for import, possession, transfer and transport of narcotics. Facts they committed in gang organized in 2018 on the port of Saint-Nazaire to Montoir-de-Bretagne.

The alleged leader of the traffic, a 59-year-old retired docker, had recruited another docker, and a self-contractor from the Saint-Nazaire area. The first, aged 48, was in charge of storing the drug, the second of 38 years was to carry it.

During their investigation, the customs officers had made two record seizures of cocaine, over 290 kg and 110 kg, in January and February 2018, in the port area.

The drug came from the West Indies. It had been discovered in containers and had to be recovered by traffickers from the Nantes region.

In the box of the defendants, one of the henchmen acknowledged having agreed to transport the goods in exchange for a small sum of money, while the second said he did not know that the bags contained drugs. Trafficking had allowed them to import more than a ton of cocaine.

The chief of the traffic, absent at the trial for medical reasons, was condemned to six years of imprisonment with maintenance in detention and 300 000 euros of fine.

The complicit dockworker was sentenced to five years and kept in detention. He is definitively prohibited from practicing the docking profession in port areas, and has been sentenced to a financial penalty which will be specified later.

This sentence corresponds to "seriousness of the facts" knowingly committed, said the president of the court, François Lavallière.

"Without you the arrival of these products on the national territory was not possible", launched the magistrate to the docker, who according to his own confession, participated in the import of at least 150 kg of cocaine, or "more than 600,000 doses of drugs resold later"according to the magistrate.

The third man was sentenced to one year imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 euros, without a warrant.

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