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For a month, a hashtag has spread on Twitter to report accounts using photos of Chinese women drugged to sell the "drug of rape". Users of this hashtag call for protecting women and respecting their rights.

In late May, the Hong Kong-based Hong Kong-based English-language daily South China Morning Post reported that Russian-speaking Twitter users began pinning accounts that published such photos to sell drugs and pornographic videos. They used the #ChinaWakeUp hashtag ("China, wake up"), in order to attract the attention of social network users in China.

In these photos, some women seem unconscious. Many accounts that relay them provide vendor numbers on platforms like WeChat, the Chinese messaging that also allows payments over the phone. Other accounts publish photos of women dressed in lingerie and taking suggestive poses, or boxes of drugs.

Some users of Chinese social networks have seen the hashtag on Twitter, although the site is blocked in China, unless you go through a VPN (virtual private network). They then sent screenshots of these tweets to the accounts of feminist activists on Weibo (the Chinese Twitter). The latter in turn alerted their followers and asked them to report the accounts in question. Since then, the hashtag #ChinaWakeUp has been used more than 25 millions of times on Weibo.

A user named Guozili wrote : "We have already been exposed to this kind of phenomenon [la vente de drogue en ligne]. But now we see that there is a surge of solidarity and action from our sisters abroad. Thank you, thank you, we wake up "

Online sales of rape drugs and pornographic videos are commonplace in China, and transactions take place on private groups on WeChat. According to a report from Beijing News from last year, potential buyers can easily join these groups to have information on the price and whether the videos sent show women unconscious. Sellers, on the other hand, use either emoji or Chinese characters to designate drugs, in order to avoid being arrested.

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