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He was arrested under the sky of the Charmée. It was April 7th. The prosecution had him placed in custody two days ago. The last analyzes had finally returned from the laboratory.

On April 7, he had, in addition to a blood alcohol level of 0.74 grams, cocaine and cannabis in the body. The CRPC-détrement envisaged on July 2 failed, he held "incoherent remarks". It is judged this Thursday, July 4 according to the procedure of immediate appearance. He is 39 years old, his mother is there. His old mother stands there again.

Unsurprisingly, a childhood exposed to violence, a fractured life

He was placed in a home at the age of 15 to escape the violence his father inflicted on him. Teen and young man, he suffered from "nerve crises", he knew the psychiatric hospital. He says he has no treatment at present, but reports from his Prison and Probation Counselor (CPIP) and the Preliminary Social Inquiry into the Judgment both say he is "very anxious" with whom to establish a relationship is difficult. He is 80% disabled. This, as well as his isolation, his poor resources (he works 3 days a week, but would like to work more because it does him good) both pecuniary and personal make him "a vulnerable person".

His care? "I speak with someone"

Sentenced several times for offenses related to the consumption of narcotics and conduct despite the cancellation of his license, he is in a state of legal recidivism. Does he accept to be judged today? asks the President Verger. " Nope. He wants a delay and Master MIrek asks for psychiatric expertise. It is therefore necessary to rule on the appropriate security measure until judgment: pre-trial detention or placement under judicial supervision. Marie Gicquaud, for the public prosecutor's office, requires her provisional detention, "to avoid the renewal of the facts, and for the safety of other road users". She says that he has not invested in the care that a probationary sentence puts him under. Yet he goes, "and? Asks the president. "I'm talking to someone. – You do not have addicto care? – No no. – Still, are you followed by Kairn 71? – Same, I'm just going to talk to someone. He still thinks he has "a problem with alcohol," "otherwise I would not be here," he mumbles.

He is left free since April 7, he is incarcerated on July 2, he does not understand

"It would pose a danger to society? "Master Mirek argues for placement under judicial supervision, because …" April 7, the result of blood alcohol is immediate, and yet he returns home. It is not considered a danger to society. On June 10, he was heard in a free hearing to notify him of the results of drug analyzes. He stands out. It is not considered a danger. On July 2nd he was summoned again to the Buxy gendarmerie. At 2 pm, he is notified of his placement in police custody for an appearance on the basis of prior acknowledgment of guilt-deportation (possibility of judging a person immediately on the basis of his presentation to the public prosecutor, ndla). It does not go well, he is then placed in pre-trial detention until today. So he does not understand what's going on. "

"Her mom is here, she is here"

"Since April 7 he is at home, and today is required to continue in detention, while his license is suspended until October and his vehicle is gone to destruction. He needs to be supported and helped, his work is a motor, and his mom is present, she is there. At the mention of his mother, the defendant changes his head, his misfortune becomes palpable: he has the density of his body, his 39 years of life. It's a hell of a lot of misery. Her lawyer explains that her mother will go with him to ask for care other than "just to talk", "a panel of professionals surround him". The elderly woman standing there, calm face turned towards her son, testified on the honor that she would take care of it, "she does not excuse it, but her place is not in prison".

AEM travels in courtroom: close framed follow-up

The court orders a psychiatric report, places the defendant under judicial control and appoints the AEM * to ensure its execution. Unusually, the MEA, probably contacted during the deliberation, sent one of its mission: "You will have a reinforced monitoring, a person from the MEA is present in the room, she will talk with your mom. He will be tried on August 8th.

Florence St. Arroman

* AEM: association of investigation and mediation

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