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A new page of Canal + is turning. After The Grand Journal, The small newspaper and The horns of info, another appointment of the first evening of the encrypted channel is about to bow. This Friday, July 5 at 22:30, subscribers will be able to discover The starting pot of Catherine and Liliane . The show will be rebroadcast in the clear on Sunday, July 7th at 19:50.

The boom Catherine and Liliane

Inducted by Yann Barthès in The small newspaper Through the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, the comic duo quickly won the hearts of Canal + viewers. Detached from the show following the departure of the host for TMC in September 2016, the characters ofAlex Lutz and Bruno Sanches have won their own pellet. This one, diffused around 8:50 pm, saw Catherine and Liliane receiving the visit of French and international stars. During the 2018/2019 season, the encrypted channel declined its two heroines in the form of RTT by Catherine and Liliane. The opportunity for them to get away from Paris with trips to the mountains and abroad.

Laughter and nostalgia

Rendez-vous was taken for the starting pot of Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches at the Bobino Theater on Monday, July 1st at 8:30 pm. In front of anonymous people and personalities such as Muriel Robin, Dominique Besnehard and Daphne Bürki, the two comedians invite themselves in the room and take care of ensuring the good placement of the public. For an hour and a half, laughter ensues. Between projections of excerpts of the best moments of the daily pastille of Canal +, Catherine and Liliane embark on perilous shopping at the supermarket and in a zumba class. Spectators also collect their confessions about the evolution of French society from Catherine's living room.

A moving finale

To evoke the passing of time, they draw a parallel with The Little House On The Prairie, series of the 70s still broadcast on the small screen. At the approach of officially taking their early retirement, Catherine and Liliane take stock of their journey by settling on the edge of the sea. During a thalasso couples, Catherine tries to console himself several times with "Facing the sea, it's great ….". After a magneto of black and white testimonies on the evolution of the condition of women in France, comes the final hour. While an air of nostalgia blows on Bobino, Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches can not contain their emotion. They promise it: "For Catherine and Liliane, it's only a goodbye …". A new project is being developed with Canal + for the coming season.

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