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The legalization of biscuits, sweets and other food products "seasoned" with cannabis is strongly criticized by the opposition parties in the federal capital.

If the various political parties do not agree on the question of whether the green light comes too quickly or too late, one thing is certain, they say: the Liberals of Justin Trudeau poorly manage the file.

"It's not necessarily a bad thing [que les produits comestibles soient légalisés plus tard que prévu] "Judge and Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus, vice-chair of the parliamentary committee on public safety and national security.

He believes, however, that Bill C-45, which led to the legalization of cannabis, "was adopted without listening to anyone," and that criminal groups, which "have continued to do business since legalization" will have even more freedom when it comes time to market edible products.

"For us, what is important is to ensure that the government adopts the necessary control measures to ensure that the products [illégaux] are really removed from the criminal market, because we know that children have been intoxicated, "he added in the margins of question period in Ottawa.

The Conservative MP calls on the government to "give more powers and resources to the police" to better control the cannabis market.

Now that it's legal, everyone does not care.

Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative MP

According to Mr. Paul-Hus, the Liberals have "put legislation in place, without taking into account negative impacts."

Two men in front of the microphones of the journalists.New Democrat MP Don Davies says the federal Liberals have been dragging their heels on the legalization of edible cannabis products. Photo: Radio-Canada

"Completely unacceptable"

The federal government should have legalized the edible products long ago, Judge Don Davies, NDP MP for BC, said.

"When the health committee looked at C-45, the Liberals absolutely did not want to legalize the edible products; it was the New Democratic Party that put pressure on this issue and demonstrated that many Canadians use and want access to the concentrate [de THC, l’agent psychoactif du cannabis]. In fact, it's the safest way to use cannabis! ", did he declare.

Like his Conservative colleague, however, Mr. Davies believes that the black market has everything to gain from the current situation. "According to the Liberals, the purpose of the Cannabis Act was to block the black market, but they left a lot of the goods in their hands [du crime organisé] Continued the NDP MP.

Even worse, Davies said, the Liberals would have delayed the date of legalization of edible products, initially scheduled for October 17, four days before the election, "for political reasons." "Liberals always put politics in front of good public policy. "

The Bloc worried

In the Bloc Québécois, we want clear and effective standards to be put in place to ensure that edible products do not end up in the hands of children.

MP Xavier Barsalou-Duval also asks that the effects of the consumption of edible products to cannabis are well documented. "It must be done, but it must be done," he said, saying he is receptive to a postponement of the legalization of these products.

Quebec wants to regulate

Quebec Premier François Legault wants to oversee the sale of cannabis edible products by adopting various regulations.

"We fall into a subject that we have not treated much. […] The consumption of pot brings great challenges, "he said on the sidelines of his parliamentary session report.

"I know the expectations are high" in this file, acknowledged the head of government.

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