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And what about drugs and camping? In any case against the backdrop of drug trafficking in a campsite that takes place Undercover, the new Belgian series broadcast on Canal + from August 8th. The series consists of ten 52-minute episodes aired every Thursday at 9pm. Undercover was presented during the first edition of the festival Canneseries in 2018. But in fact, what does it tell?

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The series is a thriller inspired by real events and returns to the complex mission of agents Bob and Kim: infiltrate a network of drug trafficking. For this, they will have to pretend to be a couple in a campsite. Indeed, the Limburg Zonnedauw campsite, on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands, is the place of an incredible ecstasy traffic run by a certain Bouman Ferry. But the mission does not announce any rest!

Nico Moolenaar (Emergencies disappearances), showrunner and scriptwriter of the series, relied on real facts and research on the drug scene in Belgium. To federate the viewer, he adds that "Every episode ends with a cliffhanger, it's important for us not to make a Hollywood version of a stealth story". Note thatUndercover is a thriller with a hint of humor, "crucial aspect of history".

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On the casting side, the role of the drug lord is attributed to Frank Lammers, Dutch actor already seen in the series The Swell. In the duo of infiltrated agents, the Belgian actor Tom Waes incarnates Bob and the Dutch actress Anna Drijver is Kim.

Undercover is available on myCANAL from August 8, 2019.

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