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"I've never seen that, it's thanks to you that …" The Dutch translator, who speaks to the defense lawyer, remains stunned. The man she was responsible for transcribing the words in the language of Molière will not be condemned this Monday morning. In fact, it's all his file that starts from scratch. Even if he stays in prison while waiting …

Banal routine check

To understand, a half-turn is needed. Leon – this is the first name of this young Dutchman of 29 years – is apprehended by the customs. It is April 25, on the RN 52 (ban of Mont-Saint-Martin). Officers smell a strong, sweet drug smell in the cabin. Spontaneously, the foreign driver gives two joints and a pouch of 8 g of cannabis. But the officials have flair: they call on the dog of the police brigade of Verdun.

Market value € 78,000

The brave dog finds two suspicious bags, one hidden under the carpet on the passenger side. After a quick test, no doubt for the authorities: this is the MDMA, a synthetic drug usually used to party. In the Clio de Leon, there is 1 kg. There is also almost 4 000 € in cash.

"These are my savings. As for the MDMA, the defendant claims to have bought for just better feast. When he was arrested, he went to Portugal for a well deserved vacation, he who designs websites all day. But the floor does not believe in personal consumption: the quantities are too big.

The customs representative follows the same logic: there was for 54 000 € of market value in the Clio. "And even 78 000 € if it had been used to produce ecstasy: the stamp sells 78 € the unit. But Leon says he took the whole thing for "1,000 €" from an obscure individual in Amsterdam.

An investigating judge seized the same afternoon

The mis en cause big risk: one year in prison with warrant of deposit and 34 000 € fine customs. This is where his appointed lawyer comes in: Me Braun pleads for relaxation. He says the police made a big mistake: "There was only a quick test to see if it was drugs. But there was no in-depth analysis as the procedure requires. We do not exactly know the nature of the product. "

And to release his master card: "In Perpignan, a man had bought a used car. When the customs stopped him, they found cocaine in the vehicle. He was sentenced in the first instance but was released on appeal because the cocaine in question was actually … alum stone. "

The lawyer does not get the release but nevertheless allows his client to hope: the court is obliged to dismiss the case and invites the prosecution to seize an investigating judge. What will be done in the wake. Leon had to go up to see the magistrate instructor the same afternoon, in the company of his translator. This grimace: "And me who thought to plant my geraniums today …"

G. I.

Herb Approach

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