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At the origin of the olfactory nuisance deplored by the residents of the bottom of the rue Saint-Marc, a plant called Crucianella-Stylosa ...
At the origin of the olfactory nuisances deplored by the residents of the bottom of the rue Saint-Marc, a plant called Crucianella-Stylosa … (The Telegram / Sarah Morio)

Humans, for weeks, smells of cannabis more and more persistent, the residents of the bottom of the rue Saint-Marc, in Brest, began to look at each other as a faience dog. The "culprit" was finally flushed out. His name is Crucianella stylosa …

For almost a year, residents and merchants down the rue Saint-Marc, in the city center of Brest, complain of strong smells of "beuh". Olfactory nuisance more and more pregnant suggesting the presence of cannabis crops in the sector. What fun passersby and motorists. Much less some residents pointed fingers. Young people from the district "with an unconventional look", recognizes one of them, have been alpacued several times by regulars in the area. Sometimes with humor and a little knowing glance. More often with annoyance, summoning them to stop their wild gardening. "A double sentence," explains this thirty. "We have nothing to reproach ourselves for and we are suspected while we, too, are subjected to its flagrances. If it rained and then there is a ray of sunshine, we can not open our windows, it's a horror "…

Police checks

And if these intriguing smells have generated fantasies, they have also attracted lust. "Building doors have been broken. Several times, at night, we heard back and forth in the stairwell. Without being paranoid, we can not help making the connection "… Having received several calls, the drug squad took the case very seriously and conducted a thorough investigation. "We received police visits with a dog. And our neighbors too "confirms this local resident. But the investigations did not give anything. And for good reason. If the smells are real, they do not come from cannabis plants, but from Crucianella stylosa or Phuopsis stylosa …

A Middle Eastern plant in question

Ornamental perennials of the family Rubiaceae, they have the advantage of being torn, resistant and fast growing. Ideal for planting in urban areas. Hence the choice of gardeners of the city to sow at the feet of trees, between the parking spaces, facing the Kyriad hotel, the soil being dry and rustic. What they did not know was that these plants from the Middle East, forming many small pink flowers, are also known for their fragrant characteristics exuding a scent of marijuana. Strong smell, but no THC. Called, the community says "do not want to cause difficulties" and promises "to study their replacement with other types of plants, if residents manifest at the town hall."

Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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