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This Friday, July 5, from 10:35 pm, Canal + reserves its second evening party to two emblematic characters of the chain since 2012, Catherine and Liliane. No more flights of Catherine and acquiescence victims of Liliane. Alex Lutz, the initiator of the hilarious duo announced on June 13, 2019, that their daily pellets born in The small newspaper would not be coming back next season. However, Alex Lutz and his partner Bruno Sanches wanted to finish in beauty. Way of starting pot! This is also the title of their ultimate meeting. For this, the actors concocted a special evening recorded in Bobino last Monday.

⋙ Catherine and Liliane: the comic duo bid farewell to Bobino's stage, we were there!

As the actors had realized with The TV set, show performed and broadcasted in 2017, so they came on stage offering best of projection sequences but also skits played live -certains were written for The TV set-. Thus, we find moments to die of laughter with their guests as Daniel Auteuil partying with the secretaries or François Morel also made a woman but especially this moment of anthology where Catherine and Liliane ask the singer Sting to interpret titles Abba!

⋙ Catherine and Liliane denounce sexism in the media with a skit … vintage! (VIDEO)

But if this starter is a real success, it is because the artists have finely chosen their texts … We find the sequence that we had forgotten where one and the other interprets women other than Catherine and Liliane. Black and white testimonies as laughable as pathetic on the evolution of the condition of the woman in our country. Let's not talk about the finale where, in fact, Catherine and Liliane find themselves in retirement … and take stock of their lives. We are between laughter and tears with a fall … obviously bitty.

⋙ The stinging joke of Catherine and Liliane towards their boss Vincent Bolloré (VIDEO)

This evening is a fireworks good words and tirades well felt! Catherine and Liliane leave really beautiful and we regret them. However, the two friends remain on Canal +, Alex Lutz would be writing a new project … As long as it is as well inspired!

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