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30 billion CFA francs were invested in 2018 by the Der, which reached 183,000 beneficiaries in all sectors of activity. The recovery rate for the 2018 financial year is 50%, according to General Delegate Pape Amadou Sarr.

30 billion, the entire budget of the structure, was injected into the national economy in 2018 by the General Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship for Women and Young People (Der / Fj). 360 thousand cases from the entire national territory were collected by this support structure through the deposits made in the governances, the prefectures, but also at the headquarters of the Der and sometimes online. 183 thousand people have benefited from this 30 billion invested in 2018, across the national territory, according to the delegate general at the Der. The wickets from 100 to 500 thousand CFA francs financed more than 58 thousand people for a total of 17 billion CFA francs, while the smes benefited from an envelope of 7.4 billion and finally 5.6 billion invested in structuring projects. In addition, 1 billion 100 million went to about 50 startups in the field of the digital economy, ranging from 10 million tickets to 60 million CFA francs.
In terms of financial inclusion, the Der has opened 80 thousand bank accounts across banks and financial partner systems. Regarding territorial inclusion, it affected the 14 regions, 45 departments of the country and 552 municipalities. And thanks to 370 distribution points via its main financial partners. Also, 150 SMEs were financed nationwide in different sectors, 70% of which were allocated to women. For structuring projects, the fishing sector has benefited from 2 billion CFA francs for the acquisition of 61 refrigerated trucks that will be scattered throughout the national territory. "Today, 6 trucks have already been acquired and delivered", according to the general delegate who promises another 55 from 10 to 25 tons in the next 3 months. Still in the field of structuring, value chains and in connection with the transport sector, the Der invested, according to Mr. Pape Amadou Sarr, 2 billion CFA for the acquisition of passenger tricycles, but also goods for try to stop the accidents caused by "jakarta bikes".
Agriculture has been financially supported by the Sandaga street vendors and the Hlm market in the production and marketing of rice in the Senegal River Valley, covering a total area of ​​70 hectares. The livestock sector took advantage of the Der by setting up integrated mini-farms for 480 million CFA. Also, 736 projects of women's groups were funded for 500 million CFA. "The envelope has reached 51 thousand beneficiaries." Sport and culture were not left behind with the project "Un Asc a project" for the establishment of mini bakeries and agricultural farms due to 700 million CFA per 100 Asc, or 5 million by Asc.

50% of debts recovered
The Der aims to fund women and young people with an annual budget of 30 billion CFA francs to promote economic and social inclusion with an interest rate of 5% and deferrals that range from three to six months in function of the beneficiaries. "Today, I am happy to say that we are more than 50% recovery rate throughout the territory," said the general delegate to the Der Pape A. Sarr.
Some municipalities have not yet benefited from the financing of the Der, including those of Tomboronkoto and Dindefelo … "The Der has not received a request from these municipalities," said Pope Amadou Sarr.

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