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While the power is diversion with the organization of the AU summit in Niamey, the threat of an implosion of our country has never been as serious as today, under the combined effect of the destabilization of Libya, which led as in a game of dominos, that of Mali, Burkina and more or less, all countries of the Sahel zone.

To this gloomy picture is added the attacks of terrorist groups which weaken the already precarious economy of certain areas of the country, the existence in certain regions of the national territory, of gray areas beyond the control of the authorities, and in the hands of networks. mafia, mixing military, political and drug traffickers, a trio of actors who manage the drugs and weapons business together.

Other challenges, not least, the migratory crisis, which creates an overheating of the population, which adds to the precariousness and the existing insecurity, the ethnic and identity claims, in connection with the ongoing conflicts in Libya, in Mali and in Chad essentially, and the proliferation of foreign military bases established on our territory, and which are increasingly decried by the population, as evidenced by the demonstration of students of 25 May 2019 to denounce this situation.

As we can see, the pyramid of challenges facing our country is enormous, and in the absence of a "Pharaoh" bridge builder among all Nigerians, visionary regional and international issues, and concerned about the interest and the future of our nation, the risk is great to see our country become bogged down in the equation of these conflicts that encircle it, and of which it risks being the turkey of the farce, if it does not take care .

To the people of Niger to take control of their destiny, armed with this conviction, that a people who has decided to take their destiny into their own hands can no longer stop it.

With affection, hope and determination


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Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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