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The Brussels Federal Judicial Police carried out on June 27 about thirty searches in the Brussels region, as part of an investigation into drug trafficking on an international scale, said the Brussels prosecutor's office on Thursday. Twenty-one people were arrested, including the alleged drug traffickers, members of one Anderlecht family. Eleven of them were charged.

"On 27 June 2019, the Anti-Narcotics Section of the Brussels Federal Judicial Police conducted a large-scale search operation aimed at dismantling the activities of a criminal organization active in international drug trafficking. an Anderlecht family structure, imported for several years cannabis from Spain and Morocco to Belgium and France ", detailed Thursday Denis Goeman, spokesman of the prosecutor's office of Brussels.

"Twenty-one people were arrested after the searches, including the main members of the organization, twelve of whom were brought before an investigating judge who charged eleven of them, one of whom was charged with four of the defendants are being held in custody, three others have been released on conditions and the last four unconditionally.In addition, the investigators have seized some ten kilograms of cannabis, a sum of money of 65,000 euros, ten vehicles and three firearms "said the prosecutor's spokesman.

A survey of several months

The investigation in this case began several months ago. Nearly 600 kilos of cannabis had already been discovered in France and the Netherlands and about fifty in Brussels. The intervention of 27 June lasted mainly in Belgium, in Brussels, where the criminal organization responsible for trafficking seems to be established, but also in the Netherlands. She asked for the mobilization of some two hundred policemen.

"The fight against certain serious forms of crime related to narcotics is a priority of the security policy set by the government.This perspective is integrated into the judicial district of Brussels by a strategic approach called" Global Plan Narcotics ", The plan, which involves the local police, the Federal Police and the Public Ministry, is aimed in particular at a financial and economic approach of criminal clans operating in Brussels. this frame", explained Denis Goeman.

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