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The scene disgusted internet users. A young American was arrested this Friday, July 5 in Texas. Reason for the interpellation? She appears in a video posted on social networks and turned viral, opening a jar of ice in a supermarket, lick and then rest the ice in the refrigerated display case. The indignation that followed, had pushed the police to leave in search of this young woman.

"It's not funny," wrote a user on Twitter. "I do not know what shocks me the most: the fact that it is disgusting to do that, or that it is stupid to let someone film it and post this video," says another.

The case could have stayed there. But Blue Bell, the ice brand in question has itself been indicted for not having provided plastic film between the lid and the pot of its ice. The sign defended itself in a statement: "during production (ice cream), the 1.89 L jars are returned and sent to a freezing room where the ice freezes onto the lid, creating a seal The lids are firmly frozen and glued to the carton. "As soon as the video was released, the Walmart supermarket in Lufkin, Texas, where the video was filmed, had all the Blue ice cream jars removed. Bell.

The young American was arrested by the police with video surveillance images. She faces a prison sentence of two years to 20 years and up to a $ 10,000 fine for "degradation of a consumer product". But, since the perpetrator is a minor, the charges against her will depend on the goodwill of the juvenile judge. In addition, his companion, who encourages him in the video could also be pursued.

Immediate and funny reaction: The Walmart store located in Corpus Christi, about 200 km from San Antonio, still in Texas, published a photo on Facebook (which has been deleted since) following this case. One of his employees watches with a water pistol the ice ray.

The story has given rise to an "ice cream challenge" on social networks and a bunch of videos where Internet users are filming themselves eating products in several supermarkets and then resting them as if nothing had happened.

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