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Overall, we are beginning to worry about the potential harm of vaping. However, this case seems more complex and worrying. Indeed, Minnesota health authorities in the United States announced the fifth death of an e-cigarette user. Its victims are among 450 patients listed on the US territory, who have a very serious pulmonary syndrome. The suspicions relate to marijuana products, possibly counterfeit.

The phenomenon has grown since mid-April, however, it took time to realize. As usual, it was not until the information was pooled from doctors and hospitals in different states. It is about a pulmonary syndrome of unknown origin.

A phenomenon that affects the whole country

33 out of 50 American states are affected. The most concerned, appear to be at this point, Illinois and Wisconsin in the north of the country. These two states conducted an in-depth investigation of 53 patients. This highlights the use of vaping. The most tragic and surprising of this "disturbing trend" seems to be that its users of electronic cigarettes hospitalized for severe pulmonary lesions, are often young and that their health has deteriorated very quickly.

Doctors are starting to cross the information to better determine constants in different cases. For example, clinical physicians at the University of Utah Hospital and others in North Carolina reported identifying a rare form of pneumonia as lipoid pneumonia. Daniel Fox, a hospital respirologist from North Carolina, who treated five patients, explains "it can be triggered when oils or substances containing lipids enter the lungs ".

The origins of this syndrome remain unclear

The mystery is thickening around the precise origin, because the administration that manages outbreaks at the federal level, points out that no particular vaping product, has been associated with this disorder. There remains for the moment only a panel of assumptions and probabilities based on the findings. Of the 53 patients in Illinois and Wisconsin, 84% of patients reported using marijuana-based products in their e-cigarettes, and 14% of products combining marijuana and nicotine. However, it must be remembered that teens are reluctant to admit that they are using marijuana products.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has collected more than 120 samples of the products used by sick people and is conducting a series of chemical tests. However, the range is wide because the patients in the study used dozens of products of different brands and different flavors. The label "Dank Vape" comes back most often. The investigation also reveals that the merchants who sell them would frequently reuse empty, potentially contaminated cartridges. Health authorities have indicated that they focus their research on counterfeit products or cut products.

As no track is removed, this will certainly lead to a good excuse to put some order and enact new regulations in the industry.

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