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A detailed overview of human stupidity.

Human stupidity

On our beautiful planet Earth, we are more than 7 billion trying to coexist in the best possible way. Living in community is far from easy. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to take on oneself, to respect the tastes and the colors of others, and not to get upset if our opinions differ on a certain subject.

Between good people, living together is an extremely simple art to apply. But here we are, we do not just live around good people. There are some people, who are distinguished by acts also beasts than wicked.

Sometimes stupidity is also linked to a form of carelessness, but in the case that we are going to present to you today, we will only talk about simple stupidity, idiocy, or even profound debility.

A risk of making prison

This weekend, a young American must currently be at home, in a sideways safety position, hoping that no one will ever find her. Indeed, what she thought was a joke of good taste, may cost him a nice little stay in prison.

In the video that we propose to find above, you can watch the young woman in question lick a pot of ice, before placing it in the radius of a store. An act that says a lot about the mental faculties of the young woman.

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According to NBC News, the police are currently looking for this person, who could face a relatively long sentence. Indeed, in addition to the $ 10,000 which corresponds to the price of the maximum fine, the young woman risks a stay in prison that could go from 2 to 20 years.

An excessive sentence, but one that will give the young woman time to reflect on her actions.

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