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To reconnect with nature more and more city dwellers decide to go gardening. It is a hobby very practiced in the Hexagon. Indeed, 89% of the French say they have a space for gardening.
Patio, terrace, garden level, balcony or even a windowsill, there are many solutions for gardening in the city.
Specialized companies such as France Abris offer, for example, garden sheds to allow city dwellers to go green.
Discover the best ways to get a green thumb in urban areas.

Outdoor crops and gardens

Even in apartment, it is possible to create a small corner of greenery.
If you own a patio, a terrace, or a balcony you can cultivate aboveground plants in pots and planters to decorate your outdoor space and create a garden effect.
Think about plant walls, to climbers or to hanging plants to save space and give a more wild look to your urban garden.
If you are lucky enough to have a garden level in which you can grow, install a pergola for climbing plants and add more garden furniture in order to avoid the vis-à-vis.

Indoor gardening

Container gardens

If you have a small space, you can still to practice gardening by growing in containers on your balcony or even inside your apartment, near the window. You can use buckets, pans or any other pot in which you put the earth, and decorate them as you please.

Miniature gardens
Miniature gardens are also a very good option. At the same time aesthetic and DIY, they do not take place. Indeed, some plants, such as succulents, can be grown in tiny containers such as corks or some eggshells. These mini plants will be very practical to decorate your home in a minimalist way.

Window farming
The traditional flower pots on the window sills are being replaced by a new practice: the windowfarms. These urban farms allow gardening at home by suspending plastic bottles in which plants grew thanks to hydroponics, a type of agriculture above ground. This innovative system is even tested by NASA! It allows you to grow vegetables and spices and enjoy a real kitchen garden. In addition, you will do something for the environment by recycling your plastic bottles.

Community urban gardens

Urban gardens are growing. They were launched at the initiative of citizens with ecological awareness, but cities quickly understood their interest. Local authorities are therefore providing their inhabitants with more and more spaces where they can cultivate. These projects allow revaluing non-building landthey increase green surfaces in cities and are also factors of social link.

Yet they are not so new. The allotment gardens were very common at the end of the 19th century, where they were still called allotments. They were made available by associations so that users could enjoy their leisure and the needs of their families, without any commercial use.

With the difference, shared gardens or community gardens arise from the collective initiative of inhabitants of a neighborhood. They are created, built and cultivated by this community and its uses can be multiple. If this interests you, you can try to find a local garden association or group, or initiate the movement yourself. There are sites to connect collectives and gardeners with people with a land they want to share.

Herb Approach

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Herb Approach

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