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In early July, an Anderlecht family was involved in a cannabis smuggling case. The staggering section of the federal police carried out several searches and arrests related to this family. It could also be involved in an abduction in Morocco. RTL Info has procured the very impressive video of this aggression. Morocco could hold suspects accountable.

In this video, several men are on a parking lot in Tangier. We see a man, a Moroccan national living in Belgium. In a few seconds, he is removed and is seized by the back by other men. His attackers then take him to a vehicle. The victim struggles hard but that is not enough. He is finally embarked where he will be tortured and threatened with a weapon. A ransom will be required.

"We are facing sequestration, beatings and injuries. In the event that this sequestration would further solicit the payment of a ransom, I think we are clearly in the taking of otage ", informs us Frank Discepoli, criminal lawyer and assistant in criminal law and procedure.

A desired extradition

This abduction was mentioned in the Moroccan press in 2014. Since then, the Moroccan justice is interested and seeks members of a family of Anderlecht suspected in this case. At the end of June, some of them were arrested in Belgium as part of a large cannabis traffic they brought back from Morocco and Spain.

One of the brothers of the family charged in Belgium under this organization could theoretically be extradited to Morocco on the facts of hostage-taking. For Henri Laquay, a lawyer at the Brussels Bar, specialist in criminal law recognized by the Council of the Order, this extradition is quite possible. "A non-Belgian person arrested in Belgium who has committed acts in Morocco may – at the request of the Moroccan authorities – be extradited to Morocco and be tried in Morocco"he says.

This extradition is desired by the victim of the abduction. With regard to drug trafficking in Belgium, investigative duties are still ongoing and suspects would still be wanted.

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