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After almost two years of sobriety, rapper Kalem Moses, aka "Big Mo", is holding a drug-free, alcohol-free hip hop show Friday in Regina. The artist hopes to encourage people to follow his example.

American rapper Colicchie and other local hip-hop artists will perform at The Exchange in Regina as part of the show Road to Recovery ("On the path of healing").

Rappers Colicchie and Kalem Moses were inspired by their addiction issues to produce their music. After the release of his album A Gift of Desperation in 2018 rapper Moses befriended artist Colicchie.

We simply want to create a positive and healthy event on the hip-hop scene to prove to people with addiction issues that they do not need to consume to achieve their dreams, raises Kalem Moses.

A show without drugs or alcohol

A music show can be a source of discouragement for someone recovering, says Moses.

I have some friends recovering here in Regina, and they never go to shows, because people are so drunk. It is extremely easy for them to drink and be tempted to consume.

Kalem Moses, Saskatchewan rapper

Given this, the rapper decided to organize a show where the consumption of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.

Be sober, the number one priority

For rapper Colicchie, public disclosure of his addiction problems has made him stronger.

Rapper Colicchie, wearing a white sweater and a black cap, gives an interview on the radio. The Pittsburgh rapper Colicchie will make his first Canadian performance in the show "Road to Recovery" in Regina. Photo: Kalem Moses

Our secrets make us sick. […] I am completely open to my life and honestly I do not regret anything.

Colicchie, American rapper

The rapper from Pittsburgh, USA, making his first appearance on Canadian soil, has become popular thanks to his music video Drug Addiction became viral on YouTube with 18 million views.

With information from Joelle Seal from CBC News

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